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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The life of a pilot is sometimes filled with exhaustion. Three Atlantic crossings and one more to go. Yesterday's rest in New York was a challenge-- but that happens at times. We just suck it up, wheels up, and we fly.

Milan arrival was great. Unfortunately rain showers covered the area. Tomorrow I'm hoping we'll have a great view of the terrain in the area. The sky on top was incredible.

An hour to the hotel, a 2 hour nap and we were off to see the sights-- yes, in the pouring rain. A subway to Duomo, a walk through a Cathedral, browsed the finest shops-- all was beautiful, and worth the walk in the rain. Rain is a good thing. More people should go out and play in it.

Indoor market, that appears outdoor, very cool.

The Cathedral was amazing. Ornate carvings. Detailed stained glass windows. Massive. Impressive. A must see. By the time we returned to our hotel, it was just before 5 p.m. and we were starving. But in Italy, it's a challenge to find dinner before 7 p.m. We ventured back into the rain and found a charming cafe and ate pizza. A fun day and night.

Tomorrow morning an early wake up and we fly to New York. A four hour sit. Then I deadhead to Seattle. An exhausting trip-- but each day I'm thankful I have this fantastic opportunity to fly an incredible plane, work for a great company, and see a little bit of our beautiful world. Then I get to go home to a wonderful family. Life is good.

Enjoy the journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Ah Karlene,
    I envy you. I would LOVE to go to Milano! im hoping that maybe one day i will be able to make it there. i just started flying the King Air 100 and have about 15 hours on it. not much, but a step in the right direction! :) that Market is SO cool. gosh i love italy. Europe would definitely be a nice place to fly :) Cheers

  2. Wow. Just wow! Love the pictures!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Karlene. I've never been to Milan, and always imagined it much less elegant and more industrial. Now I might think about visiting there. Fly safe and enjoy being home in equally rainy Seattle!

  4. Thanks for the comment Julian, I hope one day you can make it here too. As a matter of fact, I know you will. King Air 100 --- What a great plane!
    Did you look at the fly it forward contest? Top right corner, click on the $100 bill picture. Maybe you could take a plane load of women and girls for a flight in your King Air, and enter the contest?
    Spending money for Milan. :)

  5. Linda, you're right on the first statement. But, you can always find the elegant, and it's there. Next time-- Lake Komo. George Clooney has a house there. :)

  6. Milan looks absolutely breathtaking! How inspiring! I’m a writer and I can't find the words. It's a very special place that can render a writer speechless. I must go there some day!

  7. Hey Vic, and one day you can fly with me and be in the pictures!

  8. Heather, you won't believe the shots coming out of there this morning. I can't find the words for them. And yes...I'm thinking you should join me on one of these international trips. But soon you'll have your pictures from Ireland!

  9. Wah....
    How i wish one day I'll be in your shoes karlene...
    Enjoying god's creation, above and below the clouds, traveling, venturing new things everyday, but most important thing do the things that I loved most...

    Happy Flying karlene...!

  10. Nocholas, one day you will be in my shoes enjoying God's creation above the clouds. You are so right, we must do what we love, life is too short.

  11. Yeah..
    you betcha...
    I really hope so....!hehe...
    Thanks karlene!


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