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Monday, November 29, 2010

Momentum Is Building

Renton Centennial of Woman Pilots December 5th Event-- Update:

Today was a busy day passing out fliers to my community, in support of our Centennial Of Woman Pilot's event---  FREE FLIGHT $100 Give Away

GREAT NEWS! Two more pilots volunteered. Tom and Joyce.

Tom has been flying for 19 years and instructing for 16. With a first word "Birdie" he was born to fly. He works for a non-profit company in Seattle and instructs in the evening and on weekends. As he says his "fun side job."

 Tom and his Cessna 182

Tom's flown about 28 different airplanes and gliders over the years, logged 4,600 landings, soloed 30 students, and has been airborne for about "91.6 days based on a 24 hour day." He lives 5 minutes from the airport, which is a good thing--- we know he'll be on time. Thank you Tom!

Joyce... became a pilot in 2003 and has over 1000 hours in Cessna aircraft... 150, 172, and a 182!
She says, "flying and sharing my love of aviation in my passion." Her passion and compassion are evident--- She's flown over 100 Young Eagle Missions and 2 Pilots and Paw Missions, too.


Joyce encourages anyone who shows an interest in flying. She's made several solo flights to Utah, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and California. Thank you Joyce! We're so excited to have you join us.

Today I visited the Aviation High School, South Seattle Community College, Northwest Aviation College at Auburn Airport, and supported the economy by doing a little Christmas shopping. Amazing how many fliers I gave out along the way. So much interest.

Karla Antelli wrote a Press Release for us.
Karen Klebs forwarded the flier to her office staff at Kiro News.
Sheila Lane contacted the vice principle at Holy Names and invited all students
Ryan Zulauf got the city to post our event on their FaceBook page.
The BEFA Guys are busy advertising. We're on their webpage too! Click Here
Jean Denis at wrote an incredible blog!

I have emails rolling in as the women who want to participate. And... rumor has it that there are "December 5th" Events popping up all over the world. Amazing!

And tonight, we discussed  on  Flight Podcast  

So much support. Thank you all! 

And today 600 women have taken to the skies! Numbers are soaring...

Fly Safe and ...

~Enjoy the Journey!


  1. Cheers to Tom and Joyce for joining in! It looks like things are going great!

  2. I want to write about this on my blog and my General Aviation column, can you email me the press release, links, etc you want me to include along with some quotes from you? :P I think you still have my email from a prior correspondence. If not it should be in my typepad bio through my name here.

  3. Small correction, I'm bringing a 172, not the 182. Still 4 seats though. :-)

  4. Thanks Tom. So... I upgraded you to a 182. A typo... or a dream? You have to fly it... to love it!

  5. No, not a dream. I do have a 182 in our club too, but fly the 172 since it's less $$. But that 182 sure is fun when I do checkouts or splurge now and then!

  6. Ahh you went to my flight school in Auburn! I wish I would have known! XD


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