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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Secret Stuff

One more day... and I'm off to work again. Friday morning ... DH to Detroit, pick up my flight bag, and off to Atlanta. I will be spending the 4th of July in Amsterdam.

Today I played with my granddaughter. Tonight I wrote my Scribe Sisters post... Tension in the Bedroom. and now, I am sharing a top secret view of what the flight deck of the A380 looks like enroute. ;) 

Whose airline is this anyway?

Happy Flying!


  1. Shockingly, I have a few pilots that have the fuzzy dice, food, video games, music (plus speakers), and their computers out....quite funny!

  2. Hi Karlene,
    First off, that's an A380, not an A320.
    Typo I know! :-)
    And to answer your question, based on the photos & beverage(s), I believe it must belong to the A380's newest operator - LH!

  3. Brajit... Funny! But, I have to say, nothing shocks me. lol. Maybe we know where this picture came from. :)

  4. Roto, Thanks for the correction! Gotta love the typo excuse. ;) Thanks for the heads up to the mystery owners... LH, sounds good to me. And now they know we're on their trail. I just need to ask, "where is the popcorn?"

  5. Sweet, I want those seats! Wait, maybe not...

  6. Come on guys, pilots need to have some fun too! As long as they bring me safely to where I want to go, they can have all the pizza, hamburgers, magazines, and games they want. Okay, did I say GET ME THERE SAFELY??!!

  7. "CHiPs" on the cover of TVGuide? Who's turned an A380 into a time machine?!

  8. Lol. That's pretty funny. I'm thinking they say the bus is magic. Who knows? CHiPs... all in the details

  9. Thanks Christa! A happy pilot is a productive pilot. Number one goal to get you there safely!


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