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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A fun time in Rome

Rome consisted of an evening out at Botticelli’s and the captain made a toast with all the flight attendants to my perfect landing. Nice. Moments of pride soon to be humbled with the jinxing from my captain.

Crew at Botticelli's

This has been a great TOE trip. Many learning experiences along the way.
And Rome was incredible!

Fontana Di Trevi

Tree Muse


Pantheon, Inside looking up

Pantheon on the inside... each wall is different, marble, and spectacular

Spanish Steps

A beautiful City and an Excellent Layover!

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Incredible detail Karlene! Thank you for the story! The pics are awesome too. I'm glad your eventful flight was topped off with a relaxing dinner in Rome. That sounds rewarding. Love the crew pic too, and the pics of Rome! It's amazing! :-)

  2. Wow. Gremlins eh. Did you write it up? Will the grease monkeys get back to you with details of what caused the gremlins?

  3. My company requires us to do the time/fuel planning in our head (along with the FMS) due to a computer issue a long time ago. Can you believe that? What are calculators for : )

    Sounds like a fun trip. Good photos too!

  4. That sounds like a looooooong flight lol (with all the problems I mean). Its great that everything worked out and that once again you had another great landing!

    You are so descriptive in your writing, that I could imagine everything going on! Congratulations with that :D

    btw, sorry i havent commented on ur other posts....its bc i was sooooo busy studying... (well eating pepermints of course ;)

  5. What a story! And wow Karlene, amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to see Rome some day but hopefully my flight goes a little more smoothly.

  6. Thanks Heather. And... you will see Rome. But... when you do, your flight will go smoothly as a passenger. Despite the work up front. Despite the temporary entertainment system, and the dishes in first... Oh, our passengers were so happy. Delta Flight Attendants are absoulutely incredible! Amazingly so. And... I suspect I get to see all this because I am very lucky... and it's great experience while working with a Check Airman.

  7. Pilot, thank you for the nice comments and the morning laugh! Am I going to be charged with the weight watchers program after you're done with all the candy? How is studying going? When will you be done? Wishing you best of luck on the tests!

  8. Thank you for the comment John! When I flew the classic around the world with Tower, we didn't even have the magic. It's amazing how nice the automation is. With CPDLC we don't even need to give position reports to ATC over the crossing. Nice. But... for that to work, we need the computers to be accurate and talking.

  9. Hi Chats, everything gets written up. But... we don't often hear back. You cannot believe how many, "Cannot duplicate" we get. Amazing.

  10. Thank you Julie! The funny thing about these trips, if you make it're so fatigued. Finding balance between sleep and a life on the road is a challenge.

  11. Haha, Ill save u some money and not eat the WHOLE package :P

    Studying has not been so great yet (havent gotten motivated, and it seems so far away (even though its wednesday and thurs lol)...But i am forcing myself anyways lol...

    Thnx for the wishes, and even if i got 0 on both of my exams, i will still get around 75% (they r worth 20% of my mark LOL)...

  12. Amazing pictures...and your story its a big expernce for me...

  13. Hey Pilot... Wed and Thursday will be here before you know it! Ah... you will do great. And, I know more than zero. :) Dazzle them with your brilliance!

  14. Benhur, Thanks! And... keep reading more big experiences coming! They're big for me too! :)

  15. Thanks for the followup post, Karlene. You have a way with words. You put me in the cockpit with you, and I swear I heard the china crashing. Be safe.

  16. Forgot to tell you - those shorts at Boticelli's look pretty short...

  17. Yeah Kath, but you know the power of finding your car with short shorts. :) Maybe it works for finding your hotel too...

  18. Thanks for the nice words Chats! I knew that china crashing could be heard over the ocean. On my way home in a couple hours!


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