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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Glamorous Life of a Pilot

Hitchhiking to work was a success! Despite the flight being oversold, they managed to find me a seat… 1A. I sat next to a young man Russel, who has been blind since birth, and I offered to be his escort in the case of an emergency. We had quite an interesting talk, and I learned a great deal about the world of the blind.

Arriving at destination, a scare that Pinnacle left our bags in Tulsa was short lived… okay 15 minutes of worry by many. Thunderstorms approached and planes diverted, the rain poured and I decided I'd better bring a jacket next time.

Starving, I found food easier than a place to sit and eat it. Thus I put the handle down and took a seat on my suitcase. Sitting in the terminal, in uniform, eating my sandwich on my bag… a woman stopped in front of me and said, “The glamorous life of a pilot.”

Good news... Scheduling allowed me to switch flights and depart on the earlier flight, but due weather, we departed late. They even allowed me to change hotels and move downtown with the rest of the crew.

My instructor and I ended up on the same flight! Imagine that. He was supposed to be traveling non-stop from home to JFK. I was supposed to be on a later flight to LGA. And there we were… headed to LGA together. A great guy. You’ll hear more about him throughout the week.

We found the van. Found our hotel. Found food. Life is good. But the time now is 240, officially tomorrow...and I just finished my revisions. 3 hours worth!

Tomorrow a late afternoon pick up… and the adventure begins.

Good night… and back to you from Athens.

Enjoy the Journey!



  1. Finished your revisions, as in finished, finished?! Wow, three hours of revisions, that is a huge accomplishment lady! Now get some rest.

  2. Hi Heather... we are never really done with revisions. An ongoing process. But, I had 6 to put in, and that was from a month and a half. I'm caught up..until I return.
    Have a great trip!


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