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Friday, June 11, 2010

Julia Bury: Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Today is an extra special day for Julia…her last day of High School! 
Congratulations Julia! 
With graduation tomorrow, she is not only closing one door but she is flying through the next, as she pursues her flying career.
 Julia in an A320
Julia will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the fall for Aerospace Engineering and Flight Training, with a plan to become an airline pilot.  Her ultimate goal is to fly for JetBlue on the A320… but maybe after she’s done with her schooling, she’ll want to join me flying the A330 with Delta. Despite where she goes, I know Julia will be a success and find the career of her choice, and that any airline that employs her will be very fortunate.
Julia’s life is a dream, and she is an inspiration to many. She first became interested in flying when she traveled to California to compete in a Jr. Olympics track meet.
What initially captivated this young lady was the speed and ability to travel quickly across the country in less than a day. She was fascinated by the mechanics of how everything came together to get that airplane off the ground…  ground crew operations, pilots flying, ATC’s direction, and the flight attendants responsibilities.

Julia in a 172
And then she took her first flight in a Piper Warrior.  She says, “It was definitely one the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  I could not get the smile off of my face, and my mother has said that I have never looked happier.  I could not believe it when the instructor had me takeoff the airplane and fly on different vector headings.  It was an experience I will never forget, and it certainly confirmed my interest in flying and dreams to someday fly for a living.”
Julia loves flying and the aviation industry for many reasons: “Seeing the world from the vantage point of an airplane, having the ability to travel to new and interesting locations in relatively short amount of time, taking the challenges of flying through turbulence, bad weather, and wind, and the physics and mathematics behind flying the aircraft… I find it breathtaking to see a sunrise from an airplane, or see a passing jet from the window of a commercial aircraft.  Being able to see every city and town from a plane is very exciting to me, and is an incredible way to see the world.”
There is no stopping her. Julia says, “I also cannot get enough of the sound of a jet engine, the smell of jet fuel, or the sight of airplane lights lining up on final into an airport at night.” I’m thinking only a real pilot can appreciate the smell of jet fuel.
Neither of her parents or close relatives had ever flown an airplane, and her desire to fly had surprised everyone.   However, her parents are very supportive of her goals, and they have helped her immensely in her dreams. A message to Mom and Dad, “I am grateful for this, and feel fortunate that I have parents who will assist me in my pursuit of flight training in conjunction with an aerospace engineering degree.”
 Julie and Julia
She has also been lucky to have found an airline captain for Jet Blue, Julie, as a mentor.  Julie has helped Julia a great deal in her pursuit of flying, and they have been talking for almost a year now. Julie has shared a great deal with Julia as to the life of a pilot, the details of the job, and stories of the amazing places a pilot travels and many other aspects of this wonderful career.
“I have enjoyed talking with someone who is as interested and excited about aviation and flying as I am… I feel very fortunate to have found my pilot mentor, and to have the opportunity to speak with other airline pilots, such as Bob, a captain for Pinnacle flying the CRJ.  Hopefully someday I will be lucky enough to fly with them and learn from them even more.”
 Thank you pilot mentors!
Greatest Challenge:
“My greatest challenges involving flying will be obtaining an initial job in this field.  I am hopeful that my education and training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will help me to achieve my goals, along with the support of my family and pilot mentors.”
“I am very hopeful and excited at the possibility to someday fly for an airline and have a job I completely enjoy and love.  Since that day in which I took my first flight at the controls in the cockpit, I could not imagine myself doing anything else but fly for a career.  I will do whatever it takes to one day fly for a major airline.”
Julia, the challenges may be many, but you will conquer them all. I hope you keep me posted on your progress… and one day, I hope to fly with you too!  You are an inspiration to other young women who have a need to fly… make us all proud! 
I am in Rome now... and what happens in Rome... will be shared tomorrow.

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