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Monday, June 14, 2010

Atlanta to Rome

Short but sweet....

A great landing into Amsterdam, a short nap and we explored the city and ate fries at the Manneken Pis.

Cordials in the tasting room of a distillery build in 1679!

Rested in a shoe... walking through Amsterdam is exhausting! So are flying three crossings in a week!

And soda on the canal followed by dinner at a Thai restaurant with a shamrock on the door.
Only in Amsterdam!

Wake up call has arrived, and my checkride is today. Hopefully another normal. And then I run to my commuter flight and head on home to Seattle.
Wish me luck... a tight connect.

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. I ran fast... made my flight, got a seat, and sitting by a 16 month old cutie! We were playing with her animals and when we took off, she just started shaking. I had to close the shade. Very interesting...why would she have such fear at such an early age? Hmmm. And now Catching up on email and I'm about to order ice cream. I just love Wifi!

  2. Sounds like a niice flight (maybe you can cure her phobia lol)... How many air marshalls r there normally on board 1? 2? 3?...Rome sounds like such a nice city! I cant wait to visit in the summer :D

  3. Hey Pilot, When I flew to Asia, we usually had 2 on board... today, we have 5 or 6...and I would believe there could be more. Very secure!

  4. That is a lot! Do they ever fly in the first class cabin (my guess is yes bc its closer to the cockpit) science exam went very well, but most of all it was tasty :P For my health, I had to use gum instead of candy though lol

  5. "Atlanta to Rome" and back, or course, was my Dad's retirement flight from DAL in 2004. Tons of fun. I'm jealous...Rome is one of my very favorite places.

  6. Hi Pilot... not sure where they sit. But the important thing is they are on the plane and protecting it! And... gum is much better. That's what I use too!

  7. Yes, very important! And hopefully u will never have to use them on ur flight :)

    I am addicted to gum lol...I will chew any frlavours, but I especially like fruit falvours and such (although mint is still very good lol)

  8. Airline Pilot Chatter... how great! Rome is now one of "my" favorite places too. An incredible city and I definitely need much more time to explore. Tell you Dad congrats on the retirement. But too bad I won't be able to fly with him.

  9. Definitely we hope to never have to use them!!!


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