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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Applying to Law School

Application Time! 

One of the questions asked on the application was:

What steps would you take to improve 
if your early efforts did not meet your expectations?

This is a great question for everyone to answer who is struggling. While the question was designed for the success of law school, this could apply to any aspect of your life. 

If your life isn't working in any area, 
then what steps can you take to improve it? 

This was my answer on my law school application: 

"I would follow the steps outlined in my book, Flight to Success, be the Captain of Your Life. While I taught the power of goal-setting, creating habits, finding time, and the importance of urgency and commitment to achieve success; I also provided the strategy of how to achieve a goal. I likened this strategy to a process of creating a flight plan, something that pilots are well familiar with. Not unlike when flying the flight plan, an extremely important skill for anyone is to identify when the plan isn’t working and pilot, or individual, is drifting off course, and then take action to get back on the path before adverse consequences arise. Pilots must have situational awareness, meaning that we perceive the elements in the environment and comprehend their meaning, and then project the status of those events to the near future. Situation awareness will identify a lapse early enough, before I would get behind, in order to enable me to make the necessary adjustments for achievement. The key to success is to be flexible with the initial plan, and if not working to adjust."

Welcome aboard your Flight To Success! 

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


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