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Friday, April 3, 2020

Messages Across the Miles

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

CAPT Amjad Zia Malik

Yesterday I received a wonderful email from a friend 7000 miles away. He said it would be okay to post his message. His email brought a smile to my face for many reasons. CAPT Malik, spoke of  confinement in my sweet home. Ironically, two days ago, my husband and were watching an eagle soar over the lake. We discussed how much we appreciated the beauty and life out our window. We could not be confined in a better place than our little cabin. Together. 

He shared with me how neighboring countries are helping each other. But also, that one thing pilots have in common during this time, is we are all feeling the same loss of the sky. He reflected on his time in the US, a special time and his missing what we in the US take for granted-- a fast food hamburger.  

This is a time to remember the good things in life. 
Thank you Capt Malik! 

Dear Karlene!
I hope you are doing well in the safe confinement of your sweet home. Over here in Pakistan by the Grace and Mercy of God the situation is not so grave and our neighbouring country and partner of Pakistan China has immediately responded and has sent teams of Medical doctors to help our Government.

I am already missing my office in the Sky A320 Cockpit.

I feel Nostalgic remembering the good old days which I spent in USA. I used to live in Dallas,Texas way back in the year 1980 when I was a Student Pilot Flying in Boardman’s Flight Academy based at Dallas Love field. My apartment was located on west NW Highway right in the undershoot of R/W13R of Love field.I lived in the US till 1985 before returning back home to join the National Carrier. I Tell you what! I miss Taco Bell,Jack in the Box,Wendy’s and at last but not the least WHAT A BURGER!

Kind regards,

CAPT Amjad Zia Malik
(Pakistan International Airlines)

God Bless You Everyone!

Stay home. Stay healthy. Read a book.
XO Karlene 

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