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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Aviation Safety

SMS, Human Factors, Quality Management, and Instructional Techniques....

 Sergio Romero

Sergio's vast experience includes working in the aviation industry for 32 years. He's worked for 121 airlines, 135 operators, both fixed and rotary wing operations, CAA (DGAC) in Lima Peru. 

"Positions I have assumed over all these years include Safety & Security National Inspector in the CAA of my country, Training Manager, Human Factors Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, SMS Manager. I Specialized in Flight Safety, Aviation Security, Human Factors and Quality Management in Training. Experienced performance in academic training and flight safety assessments both for fixed and rotary wing aircraft maintenance, and commercial operations as well as air cargo operations. 32 years of experience."

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He is also an avid write of everything aviation. A Sample Article you will find on Aviation Safety, an Aviation Community:

Documented Procedures and the Operation

"My Ray Ban glasses I use after my old man’s costume are part of my standard procedure in this summer beginning. I was called to go the Flight Operations Office to talk about common endeavors in this airline I just got into one week ago. It’s December bunch of calendars ago.

We are just obsessed with words like Standardization, Training, Check Rides, Safety Culture Effectiveness, Assessment, among others.

I took my steps slowly and sober to be right on time for the LOSA session we designed and it is beginning to work fine. One may read a lot of books or publications about one stuff, but going upstairs to the airplane ready for embarking makes me thinking on safety, but for real. Humans behave as to the culture they are living within and cannot help it. Humans are in a rush, sad, or even way too excited or fatigued, and there are a lot of procedures to be followed.

Training makes the difference in this kind of technological-social contexts. These human beings, these front line workers need to be trained to react properly before sudden events appear. I remember one Captain saying...."  Continue reading by clicking here

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Keep it Safe!
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