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"We are the protagonists of our stories called life, and there is no limit to how high we can fly."

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Flight To Success

Be The Captain Of Your Life

Inspiration, motivation and lessons learned... 

Flight to Success was my journey through eight airlines, seven type ratings, two master’s degrees, and raising a family. Intertwined with my stories are those of others who share their successes, failures, losses, fears, hopes and dreams.

Since Flight to Success was written, I have earned a PhD in Aviation, and obtained my 8th type-rating after having not flown for two years, because I was unjustly grounded. I had to mortgage my home and sell an investment property to survive and fight the most horrific injustice anyone could imagine. All the while my husband's heart was failing.

I survived because I believe in, 
and lived the principles in this book. 

While my world was falling apart, I used the therapy of writing to avoid internalizing the events, and wrote three novels. I also turned my research into a book. When we believe we don't have control over our lives, is the very time we must become the captain of our life. This Covid-19 outbreak was not an unexpected event. Great minds like Bill Gates warned us that this would be the greatest threat to humanity, yet our world governments failed us by not being proactive. Being the captain of your life doesn't mean  to blame, it means to take control of your present reality.

Life will always be filled with the unexpected. We will see tragedy, sickness, healings, good guys, bad guys, and now we see Covid-19.  We may never understand why things happen, but, everything happens for a reason. You get to choose what the event means to you. You have the opportunity to create the flight plan that will take you to your destination, regardless of what is thrown in your path. The sun will shine after every storm. Even when you face the storms of your life with confidence, courage, and grace, you may still have to go-around and do it again. But it's easier the second time with experience.

Use this time of lockdown and fear, to live your experience that will build resilience, courage, and strength that you can share with generations to come. Now is the time to be the Captain of Your Life.

My gift is to share these lessons with you 

A key aspect of being a good pilot is compounding experience, learning how to deal with life challenges, and learning from others as well as our own experiences. The best flight tips I’ve received have come from hangar talk, and from people I've met along the way.

This inspirational, motivational book will take you on a journey of life, to assist you with yours. How do people achieve success? Why don't they quit?  How do they find courage, stamina, and strength to persevere during the most challenging times? Where do they find the time to do it all? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered.

What drives people to phenomenal success? What gives a person strength to smile through the most horrific event of their life? The secret correlates with many aspects of flight. If you apply these tips to your everyday life there will be nothing you cannot accomplish. Life is about choice. We can't always control what happens to us in life, but we can decide what those events mean. The choice now, is to open your mind and heart and not fear.

Don't focus on the negative of isolation. Use this time to read, to think, to inspire. Use this time to learn how to become the Captain of Your life. Be prepared to takeoff for the flight of your life, and enjoy the journey.

Welcome aboard your Flight To Success! 
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Enjoy the journey,
XO Karlene 

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