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Monday, April 20, 2020

Inspire a Child....

To Reach Their Dreams... 

Wendy Hales Mora

I received an email from Wendy, in her search to find people willing to write a letter to a child. Of course sign me up. When I learned what she was doing, I realized we need to reach out to a plane load of people to help with this task. 

Wendy's story... 

"I participate in a community outreach project called Adopt-A-Pilot where I spend time once a month with a couple 5th grade classes. The goal of the program is to show the kids they can reach their really big dreams and that what they are learning in school really does apply out in the 'real-world'. Every year the kids complete a series of exercises and then write a “What I Want To Be Essay”.

This stems from Southwest Adopt-A-Pilot program although it is above and beyond the footprint of the 'traditional' program. The teacher that I worked with (Larry Wong) and I were trying to come up with a project that would satisfy one of the core curriculum writing assignments while also having meaning to the students.

Wendy, Larry, and Shari. 
Shari McDaniel was Larry's teaching partner (and best friend) and Shari helped to get this project going the first year. Shari has since moved to a different school. Larry believed that one of the most important things you can do as a teacher is expand your students horizons, and from there this project was born. That was 10 years ago.

Over the years Larry family and my family developed a close bond that still exists to this day. Unfortunately, Larry passed away very unexpectedly in January 2018 so now, more than ever this project has become near and dear to my heart.

Wendy and Amanda Redmond Perez

Amanda is the teacher that took over for Larry. 
I've technically been doing this project with her longer
 then I got to do it with Larry

Wendy and Herdis

Herdis is one of my dearest friends with her own unique success story. She grew up in Germany, told her parents she wanted to be a Flight Attendant until one day someone said why don't you want to be a Pilot? She came to the US to do her flight training (that's where we met) and now she flies for SWA. This is her first year doing Adopt-A-Pilot but I thought it was so cool she wanted to bring this project to her kids as well.

Mason, Mia and Wendy

"I've know Mason since he was born (his mom and I are good friends) he's participating in the essay writing project this year "

Different from most essays this project is unique because instead of providing the students with feedback via a grade, I seek to provide them with real-world life advice by asking passengers on my flights to read an essay and then write a letter with some life advice.

It does not have to be lengthly response and can be generic life advice (i.e. find a mentor, pick good friends, etc) or specific depending on how much you know about being the specific career (i.e. xxxx school is a wonderful school for xxxx career, etc). Basically, I tell people think along the lines of, 'what I wish I had told my 10 year old self.' 

Unfortunately, due to these crazy times no one is traveling and even if they were it is not safe to be passing out essays. So if you would be willing to volunteer I'd be so appreciative."

ALL you have to do is pick a career
And then email Wendy at

You can pick more than one... I picked four, and got five essays because there were two attorneys.  (Pilot, Author, Attorney, Writer) Wendy would also like you to hand write your response to the kids. The surprise is when they receive a book with their essay and ten letters! Yours can be included and will last a lifetime. 

You can make the difference in a life.

Below is a list of careers the students are interested in. Wendy needs to get ten essays for each student. 

 "These essays will make your heart a little lighter 
and your smile a little brighter."

Wendy Mora

Actress (2)
Aeronautical Engineer
Animal Trainer
Animator_Character Designer
App Developer
Architect (2)
Artist/Freelance Artist
Bakery Owner
Be Of Use To People
Business Owner
Computer Programmer
English Teacher
Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Lawyer (2)
Lego Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Musician (2)
Photographer (2)
Pilot - Military
Professional Athlete
Professional Athlete (Basketball or Football)
Professional Athlete (Catcher for LA Dodgers)
Professional Athlete (Football or Soccer)
Professional Athlete (Football Player) (2)
Professional Athlete (Soccer Player for FC Barcelona)
Professional Athlete (Soccer)
Software Developer
Surgeon (2)
Video Game Designer (2)

ALL you have to do is pick a career
And then email Wendy at


Thank you Wendy for your amazing 
effort and sending the love to the kids! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Karlene -

    I can't thank you enough for supporting our project.


  2. What a fantastic project! Thank you for your inspiration !


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