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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dare to Dream

Pull your dreams into the daylight,
And give them wings to fly.
Get on that runway called life.
Then takeoff toward the sky.
The future of success is waiting.
This is “your” life, live it.

This was a post from 2012. I want to thank Nidish for commenting today, and bringing it to the foreground. Messages are all around, and we must learn to listen and take action. Today, I received the following message:

Nidish said, "So truly described. Though I am late to react on this but i felt to comment. The description given to achieve the goal with its weakness will surely motivate me to reach towards the goal. It also inspires me to dream more and then work more to achieve the same. Thank you Karlene, your write up is fixed a place in my heart for always."


Everyone dreams

But it’s those that pull their dreams into their waking hours, who will turn them into goals. A goal—your waking dream—is a sacred thing. It can give your life motivation, inspiration and direction, or it can be the weight that hangs around your neck as you say, “someday.”

Goals shouldn’t be feared, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly either. They are your dreams that are sitting on the runway headed toward success. And all pilots know that the only reason we taxi onto the runway is if we’re ready to takeoff. Sitting on an active runway telling the tower we’re going to depart— and never do— is a dangerous place to be.

If we all dream, then why can’t we all achieve our goals? The answer is—we can. But some people think, “I can’t possibly because....” Others say, “someday I will,” but someday never comes. And there are those who tell everyone, “I’m going to…,” but never take action towards their goal because life gets in the way.

Life will always get in the way of your dreams!

Here is the secret of the week. Life will always get in the way of your dreams. Something will always come up. Someone will always need you. Work. Family. Friends. Commitments. So what makes some people achieve success while others say they want to, and never do?

They decide, and then they take action.

Tony Robbins said, “don’t ever make a goal without taking some action toward it.” This is a powerful step, and essential if you plan on making your dreams come true. Have you scheduled your training? Signed up for school? Joined a gym? Set your alarm to wake up at 3:30 to write your novel? What do you want in your life, and what is one thing you can do toward it at this moment to move toward it?

The choice is yours. 
What are you waiting for?

If you need help bringing your dreams to life read:

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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