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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Motivation & Sanity

Nobody Can Drive you Crazy 
Without You Giving them the Keys!

Update on the 4th in the series... Flight For Sanity. I finished the second round of edits Sunday. One more story edit begins tomorrow, and then off to my aviation enthusiast editor, Carol. Then another round of editing, incorporating her comments, and the book will be ready for Nathan Everett... author and editor extraordinaire

Flight For Sanity

Aviation doesn't get scarier than this!

Get prepared for the shocking story, in the line of true fiction of aviation thrillers. In honor of the Darby Bradshaw, and the challenges she faces in her fight for safety, 100% of proceeds of all book sales are going directly to the Darby to save her career. Follow her on Twitter @DarbyFlys

When you read Flight For Sanity, you will understand the shocking truth, and the drama continues.


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