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Friday, December 23, 2016

55 Years On Campus

A Life Full of Lessons... and More! 

Amazing DEE!

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Dee was Born 15 Aug, 1960, in a poor underprivileged drunken broken family, and what  a life she is living now! I read her book... 55 Years On Campus, and it was amazing. What's Dee's story? For anyone who thinks their background defines them, I suspect that is a choice. Meet Dee's family. 

Dee's Dad:  

He never made it past the 6th grade, and was a proud marine, a professional thief, a convicted prisoner, lived a life of low income jobs. His lost soul searched for the right religion, self taught Greek and Hebrew, became a Jehovah Witness – United Pentecostal Holly roller, studied all religions, while working for the southern pacific rail road as a machinist. He studied nursing and blacksmith, turned preacher/speaker on the side, and is the author of “Jesus, Jehovah Or”. 

Dee's Mom: 

A Finland immigrant who through hard work and passion owned marina’s – where she learned good work ethic, in which she help supported Dee's father’s crazy journey – mentally, financially and physically. 

Dee Says:

"I was a shy, loner, skinny, buck toothed,
C-student underprivileged kid"

In 1978, when Dee was about to graduating high school, she went to her friend's house and met her friend's father. He was in the Air Force and said, "Why do women join the air force – to find a man and get married."


Dee's reaction "Haha – not! I went home and told my father, who loved being a marine – in turn said – you ought to join the Air Force."

"My friend and I both took the exam to enter the air force, so we could go in together. She didn’t score enough, thus I had to go off by myself. Living at home, my folks who moved 14 times in my 18 years with them, prepared me for my new journey in the Air Force."


This Campus, I call life 
has no boundaries 
and tuition is huge. 

"Learning takes place in all spaces and there I was 18, all grown up and no place to go! I never realized that my life would lead me to go to many places, experience souls with many faces and races, wearing combat boots with panties of laces, operating bulldozers to riding in Limo’s with flower vases, skinny dipping in the Persian Gulf to wishing 1920’s swimwear was back in the department store cases."


"Going to survival school learning how to be a Prisoner of War - to flying a famous POW to Vietnam/Hannoh Hilton – we had access, from serving our country to serving the well to do graces, from being a child with messy britches to hoping they come up with designer depends for my future messes."

"So hang on – I am going to share with you 
my crazy journey on the Campus, I call life!"

Dee and I became friends through her writing. She is an amazing women, full of life and love. Her stories in 55 years on campus are fun, exciting, and she will make you laugh. We all need a little laughter in our lives. If you want a fun, light, and very entertaining book of the adventures of a woman in the military... this is for you. 

Just in Time to Gift that Last Minute
Christmas gift... the gift of reading. 

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55 Years on Campus 

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Enjoy The Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. Wow, she sounds like An amazing woman!
    Getting stronger and more confident through her years on that campus called life!
    Any friend of yours is a friend of mine.
    I hope to meet her someday. XOXO

    1. An, Thank you so much for your comment! We shall make that happen when you come to the US! Merry Christmas my friend!!


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