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Friday, November 25, 2016

Travel With Mom

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Y. Theresa Bostic

Y. Theresa Bostic is a mother, flight attendant and author, too! I met her at Women in Aviation this year, and realized what an incredible woman she is. Busy mom, writing books, and sharing her love of her job with the world. We have a few things in common, too. We work for the same airline, both have daughters named Kayla, and my children have traveled to many places around the world with me too. 

Theresa knows how important it is for kids to not only dream big, but also to think big. She believes that while imagination is a beautiful thing, she wants her daughters to understand that they can start living out their ideas now.

It’s Time 2…Travel with Mom is written from Bostic’s youngest daughter’s perspective, and offers a fresh, childlike view of exploring the world. However, the adventure might just start a little closer to home than Kayla might prefer. 
While she waits to find out where her mom is scheduled to fly next, she tries to prepare for the most exciting places she can think of—France, England, Italy, Cuba, and other exotic countries. But when she hears that her mom isn’t even leaving the United States, she wonders if it’s worth going after all
Will Kayla skip the trip or decide that it’s possible to make an adventure out of anything?

This is a fun and heartwarming story about spending quality time with family, while discovering new places, that you and your children will enjoy seeing life through Kayla’s eyes. This is the first in a series, and the book will keep you guessing as to where Kayla and her mom might end up next.

Kayla B. is one of the luckiest girls in the world. Her mom, who travels the world, actually let her join her on one of her many adventures! This time, it’s to Washington D.C. Along with her mom, Kayla B. learns a lot about herself and her big dreams! Join Kayla as she experiences this exciting trip to our country’s capital!

Just in Time for the Holidays!
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