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Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Motivation

Finding Happiness through Forgiveness

All great aviation stories begin with 
a flight to or from somewhere, 
with a message engraved 
within the journey...

Last night I flew home from Austin and watched an incredible movie, compliments of Alaska Airlines—The Light Between Oceans. I was working on edits for my dissertation, and the movie was something in the background, that came to the foreground. The era ... 1920s. The war was over but for many it would last forever.  
The message…

How you find happiness after you have experienced the unimaginable? Forgiveness.

“You only have to forgive once. 
But to resent, you have to do it all time. 
It’s too much work.” 
Forgiveness does not mean you condone others behavior, or you are rolling over. It means do what you can now, but at the end of the day release the emotion of resentment.

Enjoy the Journey! 
XO Karlene

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