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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Painting the Bedroom


When I was working on my MBA, I cleared my head by painting a couple trees in the guest bedroom. Not the first time for that behavior, because I painted a sky with clouds and a sunshine on the ceiling in my kitchen at our old house while working on my Masters in Human Services. Sadly I can't find a photo, but it was cool. We moved... and the paintbrushes came out again.

The room, is known as the tree room, this is where the grandkids sleep when they come to visit.  A magical place where dreams are filled with fun.

Stars glow at night, a moon shines on the wall, and ferries live in the trees. While the grandkids sleep I move the ferries around the room, so when they awake, they were in different branches. We all know the forest comes alive at night. 

While working on my PhD, the paintbrush came out again. This time I had helpers. Two of my Seattle granddaughters helped me paint our garden in the tree room.

Today my hubby suggested we add the Troll bedding, since we all loved the movie! And actually, as the paint dried we saw the Troll movie.

Today... the Tree Room is complete 
With a flower garden. 

Be Happy!
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Thta room looks awesome Karlene and I know that will spend many happy nights in that room. You're the best grandmother a child could wish for!

    1. Ah... Thank you!!! We will have lots of fun for sure.


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