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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Anything is Possible...

If You Never Give up!

It took 108 Years...

The Chicago Cubs Win
The 2016 World Series! 

As you know I don't have time to glue myself to the television during baseball, football, or basketball season... But last night was different.

Everyone who loves the Cubs has a story behind their passion. Some are far reaching with memories of a grandfather, Dad, or Mom, who shared their passion. Other stories were geographically located, because they were the home team. 

I still remember the day Dick and I walked the Wrigley Field. It was "just over the hill." While there, what impressed me most was the fans. Their sportsmanship. Win or lose, Cub Fans never gave up on their team. That day they lost, but the fans still had fun and loved their team. They supported their team regardless. The ballplayers never gave up either.

Ups and downs of last night were amazing. But when the rain began, a gift was presented. The Cubs regrouped and came out strong to win. Which just goes to show you... When you have given 108 years toward something, and you're about to get rained out... use that delay to find your strength.

If you never give up, 
You will Succeed! 

Congratulations to a game well played! 
Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene 

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