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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Aviation Writer in the Making!

National Novel Writing Month!

Today begins the National Novel Writing Month and if you ever planned on writing a novel, start today! Click on NaNoWritMo and announce your title, and then start writing. I'm in the middle of my most recent novel, so I won't be joining this year, but I was provided the opportunity to read an new author's work, Sameer, and I'm hoping he jumps in and starts that novel.

Sameer and I continue to cross paths... we met at Raisbeck Aviation High School a year or so ago, I think I saw him at the Western Washington Aviation Fair one year, and then one day he was on my flight from Europe. Last Friday I learned he is also one of the Aeronautical Pathway Students. Then I learned he is an author.

After reading the first twenty pages, 
I asked if I could post the first paragraph. 
He's got a gift! 

The pencil hastily scribbled across the paper, its point growing duller with each stroke that passed. The lamp flickered erratically, doing little to brighten the setting of the room. But the boy didn’t care, he cared not one bit. His hand showed no motion of slowing down, no indication of stopping. He had to leave, he had to escape. It was the only way he could; the only way he could immerse himself in his mind. The boundaries of reality vanished and in an epic moment, the world around him collided with his imagination. He tightened his grip on the pencil, seeming like a madman as if his hand was on a race with time itself. The lead snapped. In frustration, he threw the pencil across the room, causing it to arc over the floor and thud against the wall. Finally, it came to a rest at the foot of his bed.

Sameer Romani

"Born in Bamberg, Germany with family heritage from India and raised in America, Sameer Romani certainly has an international flavor about him! Currently he resides in Puyallup, Washington with his parents. He is a student at Raisbeck Aviation High School, in hopes to pursue a career in the airline industry. He has aspirations to become a Boeing 777 captain and fly to the four corners of the globe. In his free time, Sameer enjoys immersing himself in his writings so he can construct a world of his own. He also enjoys watching shows on Netflix, procrastinating on homework, and reading a good book!" 

Enjoy the Journey!
And remember... 

The only way to write a book 
is to start writing...

XO Karlene


  1. Sameer certainly sounds like a Good writer, he should write that book. He is gifted with words! And I hope he gets the Aviation career he is working for so hard.
    Way to go Sameer!

    1. Thank you dearly for your kind words! It means a lot to me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comment. It helps young adolescents like myself to always hear words of support!

    2. Sammeer, Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. An Thank you so much for the comment. He will get that job, and live his dreams... and more. Thank you so much for your comment!

    1. Aw, you're the best, Ms. Petitt! Thank you for believing in me!

    2. Thank you! And your greatest success becomes from believing in yourself.


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