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Friday, November 1, 2013

National Aviation History Month

Blogging In Formation is at it again. Our theme this month is in honor of Aviation History Month. And what a great month this will be.
Friday's Fabulous Flyer.... 

At age 27, this OV-10 Bronco pilot was the most decorated female pilot in the Philippine Air Force, and one of only six combat-qualified. On a rainy day in March 26, 2001, she did something so remarkable, that she became the only female to ever receive her nation’s highest military honor: The Medal of Valor. The local town dedicated a street to her, and her home town erected a statue. 

She is revered by Filipinos as a national hero

Who is she and what did she do?

Take a guess at who she is and what she did, and then head on over to the Adventures of Adventures of Cap’n Aux to find the answer. 

Cap'n Aux the author of The Last Bush Pilots

Return with the answer, or any trivia, about this amazing woman and you will be entered into a Flight For Control hardback give away. If you have already read it and win, I can autograph the copy for a friend.  

Cap'n Aux

Then keep your eyes open for more Aviation History to come your way.

Saturday November 2nd iFLYblog - Brent Owens
Sunday November 3rd Airplanista - Dan Pimentel
Monday November 4th Smart Flight Training - Andrew Hartley
Tuesday November 5th Flight to Success - Karlene Petitt
Wednesday November 6th  House of Rapp - Ron Rapp

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. It's early in the day, so I'll kick it off by thanking you for posting about this remarkable woman! My gf Bunny, who is Filipina, also asked to personally thank you for your post--it meant a lot to her!

    I hope everyone enjoys her story over at my blog. I just read it again and still get teary-eyed!

    1. You are so welcome! And thank you for sharing this incredible aviator with us!

  2. We need to make your own Friday Flyer...

    And it needs to be very good.


    1. Lol... Ah... I'll be the shadow behind the pen. lol.
      Okay...maybe one day. :)


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