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Monday, November 11, 2013

Empower Yourself

"I can only do -
what I empower
myself to do."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of - The Soul Whisperer

You have the power...

But you must believe, take action, and be willing to go the distance no matter how hard it gets. And trust me... it will get hard. Last week was a challenge for so many reasons, but there were messages everywhere.

A dear friend emailed me with his concern that he feared after all his hard work he wouldn't make it into the University and his life would be a failures. Ron Rapp wrote about the Power of Endurance. Tom Hill wrote Be the Person I want to be. And I sat bedside with my husband for the week in the hospital. 

I had done this before for many weeks, but somehow this time it was harder. Maybe it was because I'm older. Maybe I started out behind the power curve. But it reminded me, that no matter how hard things get, we can do anything. We can create records of endurance and become the people we want to be.

"The body is powered by 
the strength of the human spirit"

The key to survival and success... 
 Get rid of the stinking thinking!

Remove doubt. 
Focus on the positive. 
Only think thoughts of the success. 

While you are in process of pushing yourself beyond your limits there is no room to think anything other than positive. Kill those voices in your head that tell you otherwise. They take away from brain cells and energy that are necessary to push you beyond your limits. Focus on preparing, studying, speaking your mantra's and sometimes just making it through another day or another mile.


What if you have done all you can do to prepare, did the best you can, never allowed doubt to creep in, and you don't achieve the results you desired?  Then you figure out why and you make a new plan and go after it again. 

Failure Is An Event, Not A Person
(I heard this on the radio last week. I think a 9-year-old said it) 

All challenges in life are preparing you for something you will need in the future. If you don't achieve a dream and did all you could, there is a reason. You still have something to learn.

The only thing that will stop your success is YOU! 
All obstacles are life coaches making you stronger. 

 Happy Veteran's Day!
To all those who serve and protect 
with honor and respect
Thank You!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene   


  1. Great post! My favorite quote is: "All obstacles are life coaches making you stronger." It reminds me of the lyrics from the song "Stronger" -- What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    One reason I love flying is because it's a challenge, and takes a lot of work. If it wasn't a challenge, and at times a bit dangerous, it'd be boring!!

    Thanks for another great post,
    -Swayne Martin

    Inspirational Video: "Inspiration for pilots - What if money was no object?":

    1. Thank you for your comment Swayne! Yes... it is a challenge and for a reason! And those who love a challenge make the best pilots.

  2. Great post - I always thought of flying as a "reward" - if I worked hard and did a good job at work (computer analyst) then I'd get the reward of a few hours up in the sky - flying my little plane in pure freedom.

    1. I love this! It is a reward. I worked for a week (or two) to get one hour of flying when I started. Never once thought I was throwing the money away. Keep rewarding yourself!

  3. I needed this so much today, thank you! I'm completely inspired now.

    1. You are so welcome Heather! For one who inspires so many... you deserve some back at you.

  4. Heeeheee

    This is EPIC!


    1. EPIC? EPIC? Oh my... wait until you read Thursday this week. The meaning of life. :)

  5. awesome. I needed this today.
    feeling some stress about possibly changing my 4 yr old daughter's school (where she is thriving but may ultimately need to change for long term logistical reasons) and I am facing my "limits" as far as being able to succeed at IFR training which is WAY outside my comfort zone.

    1. Steve, the most challenging part of aviation training is that Instrument. YOU are not alone. And we have all been there. Okay...we who have done. If I can do can do it! One day at a time.

      And your daughter, my middle daughter and husband just moved. They had my grandchildren stable and doing great in Seattle and they moved to a new home, new schools, and a new world in Bend. A couple challenging days (weeks) ... of course. But you know what, those little bodies adapt and make new friends. Your daughter will too.
      Plus you will teach her about change, and while it's challenging, we can do it. One of the greatest life lessons.
      I hope you and your wife had a great time on your get away!

  6. You are awesome on so many levels, Karlene!

    1. Patti, Thank you so much for these kind words!!! Something I really needed this morning.


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