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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Be Part of The Movie!

My Friend, Syd Blue... Pilot, Author, Business Owner and all around great lady is doing something spectacular and would like you to become part of the creation. One of her books, Circle is going to become a movie.

"Circle is about a 14 year old, Spencer, who finds an ET girl living in his house. You'd think discovering an extraterrestrial girl hiding under his bed would be shocking enough! But it's not until Spencer finds out why Mandy came to earth that the real surprise comes.

Ever since the jet she stowed away on crashed in the desert behind Spencer’s home, Mandy has been lost and alone. The pilot was captured by the Air Force. She asks Spencer to risk everything to rescue the pilot from Edwards Air Force Base and help them get back home with the one thing their civilization needs to survive.

On the run from soldiers, fighter jets and attack helicopters, Spencer and his family fall apart when Mandy's secret is revealed. The one thing her people need is the ONE THING they can NOT let her take." 

Meet the Author:

"I had my 1st flying lesson on my 14th birthday. Now I’m a commercial pilot living a life in the skies. As Chief Pilot running an aviation business specializing in aerial surveillance, I fly above the Southwest. On the ground, I wrote, edited and produced for everything from TV stations to production companies, from book publishers to national magazines. I have had over 40 articles published and screenplays optioned, and supervised writing staffs around the world at magazines and news services. I also produced an award-winning documentary, TV shows, commercials and short films. A pilot passionate about producing? Only when I’m on the ground. 

This is the plane it all started

My parents had more children than seats in their single-engine airplane, so I started writing novels in the back of their Mooney when I was small enough to fit in the baggage compartment. – There’s nothing else to do in the baggage compartment! Trips to grandma’s house were even more fun in a plane, especially when I could get the yoke away from my 3 brothers, all of whom are pilots too."

The Trailer...

Syd is working on getting the word out for her book, via a trailer on YouTube and other sites. But this is no ordinary trailer. This is a live-action trailer... the making of a movie!

Why make a live-action trailer for a book? 

I’m tired of seeing panels of words strung together with uninteresting still images. We have the technology to do better. Yes, it’s expensive, but why not bring a book to life visually? It also serves as a visual tool when talking to producers for the movie version. This trailer will be used to raise the funding to produce the feature-length film.


What makes this book special?

"Circle is unique because Spencer takes on the U.S. Air Force. Growing up on Air Force bases excited my imagination. What if drones, attack helicopters and fighter jets were after you? No other book features a 14 year old involved in military action. Plus, the flying. I write my flying scenes in a way even non-pilots can understand and get a taste of life in the skies."
  • The book is being read in middle schools as class curriculum.
  • At book signings, I average selling a book every 8 minutes – just as fast as I can sign them and briefly chat with a new friend.


Become Involved in the Process:

Syd is using Kickstarter to help fund her movie trailer. I have had many people send links asking me to help fund a movie, or a project via kickstarter. But I never felt confident that any of it was real... Not until now, that is.

I know Syd, and she is an awesome individual doing something great.Why is she using kickstarter?

"The trailer for my last book FlyGirl was done on a shoestring budget – super, super low-budget. This time I’d like to hire professional actors, a full crew consisting of Oktay Ortabasi and his experienced pros at The Dreaming Tree Productions. He’s an amazing DP (Cinematographer) and his wife is a fabulous editor. They are the real deal. 

So, we need some real money. With your help, the project can be absolutely amazing and exciting. The budget has been created to keep costs down; however, we won’t go cheap on the talent. Oktay is the one who can pull this off and he’s worth every penny. In my opinion, he’s the best in the biz, bringing intelligence, vision, and invention to getting the hard shots to look good without a studio budget. 

The shoot will consist of 3 days for all the locations. We’ll work hard and fast to create awesome footage. We will only need a little CGI for the jet crash and some of the jet scenes. Joining Blue Blaze Productions and The Dreaming Tree Productions is Stoutheart Entertainment. Damon Stout recently raised the budget for his short film on Kickstarter. 

For info about Damon and his team of producers, check out Damon brings years of experience and his fabulous Emmy-award-winning film making skills and mastery. With this team, we’ll have the best production possible!

The funds cover:
  1. 1. The filming crew, such as the DP, the sound technician, a grip/gaffer, the PA, the makeup artist/script supervisor.
  2. The cast, including the casting agency, audition location, actors gas to get to the sets and expenses.
  3. Insurance.
  4. Props such as airplane flights.
  5. Food on set.
  6. Video editing.

This trailer will be used to kick off the feature film fundraising, too. Shooting a trailer properly takes time, experience and vision.

I’m confident that I can keep everything on schedule, but should the project require additional time (due to a natural disaster, a mega mothership making contact or an act of ET AI taking over my brainwaves) I’ll let everyone who pledged know as soon as possible, and I won’t sleep until this thing is ready to dazzle audiences worldwide. "

Syd Blue is the real thing. She is a friend of mine. Her movie will be on the big screen one day. So if you want to tell your kids you were part of the making... check this out: 

For more info, check out 
and visit her on 
Twitter @SydBlue

I'm seeing Disney Studios wanting this movie... It's going to be great! Good luck Syd!

Enjoy the journey.... and become part of it! 
XO Karlene


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