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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seattle Fun

How much fun can you have when you go to America your first time and end up in Seattle? Let me count the ways. Welcome to America An!

Note: It doesn't hurt when you can buddy pass in a Business class seat.

Last week I arrived in the jumpseat of Alaska Airlines after an 0200 wake up, a sim session, and a canceled flight. Despite landing 2 hours later than my house guest, we hit the ground running. A meeting at Aviation High School for the Fly It Forward event, an early dinner at Anthony's Home Port. Then the fun began.


Pike Place Market with Linda and Karlene turned out to be a little bit of fun.

The "First" Starbucks (And we drank a lot of this stuff!) An is addicted.

Our new best friend ... Sasquatch

Lunch at the Space Needle

Yes... that is gum all over that wall!
Gum Wall Alley

Linda and An in Post Alley.


What is a Seattle visit without a Museum of Flight the fun continues.

Ready for departure?
Linda and An take flight in their simulator session.

And then we drove to the other side of the airport and found our next adventure. Can you say helicopter flight? We could... and did. The best way to see the city.

Linda, Karlene and An...

America, Seattle, the Space Needle and a flight around the city were all firsts for An. But the day of firsts couldn't end here. Yes... we soaked our tired feet in wax, and lounged in massage chairs as An experienced her first pedicure.


Fly It Forward Event!

Day Four, Sunday:

A little shopping at the museum for our other house guest, Christine. Then to the Market for coffee and lunch. We dropped Christine at the airport, and Kathy arrived. Swapping of the guests. A bit of shopping and then dinner for my entire family.

Christine and her Holland Mother


Seattle wouldn't be complete without a tour of the Future of Flight, at Boeing in Paine Field.

An, Kathy and Karlene

And the tours continue...

The Seattle Underground Tour included ghost hunting... Can you see her?

After the tour we walked to Linda's condo for wine and appetizers, then walked to the Pink Door for dinner, and entertainment.

An, Linda, Dick, Karlene and Kathy

Trapeze over the dinner tables...

The night finished with multiple attempts of getting the perfect photo of Mt. Rainier on the drive home. We finally captured her beauty.

Today An is heading back to Holland and we will all miss her. I know I will. We her next adventure planned when she returns.

An, you always have place in our home and our hearts.

It's been a great week!

Enjoy the Journey~
XOX Karlene


  1. You even got to see (I believe) the first JAL 787! Looks like you girls had a great time!

  2. So glad that you all enjoyed your time together (and our tour). Loved the photos - thank you for sharing them!


  3. Hi Karlene
    Seattle is my fave US city! I especially like China Town and the harbor area.
    Looking forward to a return trip.
    Best Wishes
    Kenneth Parsons

    1. Thank you Kenneth. My favorite city too!! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow, so great to see it all in pictures. Karlene, you made excellent plans for An's visit! We had great weather, too. An, it was wonderful meeting you! p.s. it's raining like crazy now, you must've taken the sun back to Holland with you. :-)

    1. Thanks Linda. We had a great time for sure. She did take the sun back, and the rain continues.

  5. Awesome post! This post makes me ashamed that I can't have as much fun here in NYC. What I would give to go visit Boeing! I am glad you all had a great time and hope that An will come back to the US to visit again! (This time when I am there!)

    1. Oh... you can have that much fun. You just need An to visit! When you come to Seattle, I will take you on a Boeing visit. And... yes, An is coming back.

  6. Hi Karlene, I tried to post an answer, it didn't work, so now I'll try again. Back in Holland now! And it's sunny. Wonderful you put our Seattle experience together in this blog! So great to read it all back and to see the pictures! Yes, we had lots of fun and even learning moments! It was great to meet your friends and your family! Thank you so much for having me, I had a wonderful wonderful time thanks to you and Dick! Xoxo An

    1. Good things take time! I will be sending pictures to you soon. For now, all I can say is we were so happy you joined us and the time went too quickly. Make sure you sleep!

  7. Wow! Lovely trip you girls had! Everyone of you are lucky to have each other as a friend. Karlene, what an amazing photo of Everett Mountain and the JAL's second B787 getting ready for be delivered!

    Have a lovely week! ;)

    1. Thank you Alex. They were just taking delivery that day...and the Mountain... oh, we had so much fun trying to get that out the window. Just down the street from my home.
      Wish you could have joined us.


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