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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Living the Dream

Flying is the best job in the world.

But what happens when your dream turns into a nightmare?

Reported by David M. Halbfinger, Matthew L. Wald and Christopher Drew, and written by Mr. Halbfinger, the New York Times, N.Y./Region posted an article on the current state of the industry, and what Regional pilots face in their daily lives ~ Pilots' Lives Defy Glamorous Stereotype.

Pilots departing without being rested, education costing four times the amount a pilot's salary, marriage loss, flying hungry, crash pads, and exhaustion fill this depressing article. Who will be our future pilots if they can't afford the education because their salaries are inadequate?

Is re-regulating the industry the answer?

??Crew Rest??

I've been asked many times if the premise for Flight For Control actually represents the state of the industry. Read the N.Y. Times article and Flight For Control then you decide.

Does it get better when you make it to the major airlines? Or do you just trade one set of problems for another? As new pilots, what are your expectations and what can you do to keep yourself and your passengers safe?

A must read for everyone.

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  1. New pilots need to understand and respect their limitations. We have limitations too, just like our airplanes. They should not be interfered with!

    1. So true Cecilie! They should not be interfered with... but we're the gate keepers. Then look at me, "oh I can do anything." But how far does anything go? Thanks for the comment!

  2. I'm so glad that this issue is being picked up by the major national press again, and so sad that there is this issue. Things have got to change. If the airlines can't make it happen, then maybe it is time to revisit regulation. Things definitely went downhill in many ways after deregulation. As flight consumers, though, I think we'd better be ready to understand there will be a financial price (and we'll see it in the ticket prices) for getting safety back to where it needs to be.

    1. So many things went the wrong way with Regulation. What is the answer? I think that might be it. We need to re-regulate this industry in the name of safety. Sounds like a post to me.

  3. Just ordered a copy! I wish I could have the day it came out though, :) I have my instrument check ride this weekend. As a young pilot each step I take has me watching the aviation industry more and more. I'm still not sure what I want to do yet, based on how these reports of how pilots are used. I guess it's just a matter of finding a good company who really cares about their pilots as much as they do about getting the job done.

    1. Scott, Thank you so much for your comment. Don't be afraid of the industry. If you love flying and have a passion... it's up to you and the other young pilots to learn, know and establish the bottom limits. Crews should not have to sacrifice safety to keep airlines afloat. Who is our future? You are. So don't give it up. Stay strong to fix it. If our future gives up, then who will keep our passengers safe?

  4. Do the regulators forget that pilots are humans too? This is serious.

    I got a copy a couple of weeks ago. I will start reading it very soon, after I'm done with one of my friends' book critique (I'm her beta). My order number is D01-8155755-6393541.

    1. Thank you Angela. Be a good BETA and then you'll see what's going on in our industry. Oh...wait, you know. They don't realize pilots are people, not Gods. We have to take care of them, because they cannot self diagnose.


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