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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A330 Systems: Emergency Cancel

Time for a little A330 systems logic....

Emergency Cancel (EMER CANC)

The difference between selecting the EMER CANC pushbutton on the ECAM control panel for a warning verses a caution depends upon the severity of the problem.

For a WARNING—the most severe—you can:
  • Silence the bell and extinguish the MASTER WARN lights by pressing the EMER CANC push button.
  • The message will remain displayed.
  • You cannot cancel an ECAM display for a warning.
For a CAUTION pressing the EMER CANC button:

  • Cancels the caution for the remainder of the flight including the associated chimes and MASTER CAUT lights.
  • Pressing this button moves the message to the STS – STATUS – page under CANCELED CAUTION.
  • When pressed again this automatically calls up the STATUS page displaying all canceled cautions.
Pressing the RCL push button recalls warning messages, caution messages, and the status page that had been suppressed by the CLR key. If the caution had been suppressed by the EMER CANC key, holding RCL for 30 seconds will reactive the caution. If there were no suppressed warning or cautions, the E/WD will display NORMAL for a few seconds.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. 30 seconds? Why not 10sec?

    I know you probably don't know, but 30sec is a lot of time, isn't?

    1. Sander... I'm thinking 30 seconds because 60 was too long, and 10 wasn't enough.

      Seriously, they probably just picked a number that if you really wanted it to return, then you had to work for it. But 30 seconds feels like a long time when you're pressing a button.

  2. Well we've established that the bus is a female, makes sense she can't just tell you what's wrong..


    1. Funny. Yes... she is female and we're lucky she tells you anything if you have to push her buttons for 30 seconds!

  3. 30 seconds guarantees you meant to push the button.

    1. Sean, A 30 second guarantee works for me. Especially at the end of a long flight. Thank you!!!


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