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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip in progress...

I am well on my way to the Women in Aviation Conference. Alaska carried me from Seattle to Houston, the first part of my journey, with great hospitality. Thank you Alaska Airlines.

First stop Austin where I met a pilot with his "first" airline on his "first" trip of his career. I remember that day 27 years ago. How time flies. I'm guessing he will be flying captain in about ten years. Maybe not for his current airline...but the next for sure.

A great career ahead of him!

My trip to Houston was to deliver a copy of Flight For Control to Barry Schiff, and of course we were having too much fun for me to think of taking a picture. When has that happened? An incredible man, and I'm honored to know him. And Barry, this means we must have dinner again to get that photo op.

Barry Schiff

A short night and back to the Houston Airport where I met two beautiful ladies who guided me in the right direction to gate 84B. Yay... another female pilot! Both these ladies are going to be in Flight For Control, the movie! Thank you for the morning laughs ladies and your encouraging words.

My fan club, and I love them!

Once I found my way, Captain Khade and First Officer Ashley invited me on their oversold flight, and I had the privilege of sitting in the flight deck with this awesome crew.

Ashley hard at work... in honor of Women's History Month.

"Please release me let me go...."

They reminded me of how much fun flying can be. And... two more stars in the Flight For Control movie.

Thank you for the laughter Captain Khade! Please don't ever let your spirit go. Keep enjoying your job, it makes it all worth it.

Arriving in Austin my daughter and grandson picked me up at the airport and we had a great afternoon. We visited their new house to be. Walked. Played. Went out of lunch. And attempted some serious crawling lessons. Any day now.

Krysta and Carter

From Starbucks to bath time... life is great.


Today I'm off to the Women In Aviation conference for more adventures.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Wow. Pix of Texas grandson Carter are just too cute. The bath pic is world-class (Just like grandma's writing.) -Craig

    1. He is a doll isn't he! Ahhhh... thank you for the compliment. You are too kind!

  2. Sounds like a great trip so far! I would LOVE to meet Barry Schiff some day! He is an aviation idol to me, having flown over 300 types, I make an effort to fly anything and everything I can. Always enjoy riding on Alaska Airlines too, they have treated me VERY well jumpseating.

    1. Barry is an aviation idol to many. And deserves it. I'm sorry to miss you down here. Next time!

  3. What a great post. That little Carter is SO ADORABLE. So glad you got to stop for a visit with him and his mom and dad. Good thing you ran into those nice ladies at the Houston airport. That place can make anyone lose their sense of direction!

    1. Thanks Linda... he is adorable. OH... and non-stop movement. He never slows down. The kids are doing great. Such a wonderful family.
      So many nice people along the way.

  4. great update and great pics karlene! miss me? lol i've been busy myself too i guess. have started initial training with a company who's hiring me to start out as a ramp attendant then eventually to a flying position (much like what my ex-classmate has done with the same company)
    you should come here.... why? because Jean (aka jdmarcellin) lives here...where I soon will be living and be moving to officially!

    then you can hang out with both of us :D

    cheers! happy days ahead!

    1. Yes! I missed you. Congratulations Ramiel! That's wonderful. I am so happy for you. Okay... you convinced me. I'm coming. Email me the best airport to fly into and we'll plan something. Thanks!
      PS... Tell Jean I said hi...and miss him too.

  5. What a great way to acknowledge your friends and family. Wonderful photos too. Have a fabulous time in the Women in Aviation Conference. :-)

  6. Fun post! The uniform you are using it's lovely, specially that black one! Seems to be a winter uniform. XD

    1.'s the all year uniform. But, summer we don't have to wear jackets. Very fun trip.


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