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Monday, March 12, 2012

WAI: Monday Motivation: Celebrating You

"This moment is in celebration
of you. Thank you for being a
part - of my life."

Pictures speak a thousands words...especially coming home from a Women in Aviation Conference. Amazing connections, meetings, and people that I'm so grateful to know. All touching each others lives in pursuit of their dreams.

Fly Girls Just Want to Have Fun!


The WASP were at the conference. Not all of them, but one woman I've been longing to meet: "Bee" Falk Haydu...Sitting in (bottom right) in front of the B-17, and with me below.

I'm honored to meet an American Hero... Bee Falk Haydu

As Melanie said, "History is Today."

Thank you all the Volunteers!

Michelle and Mary Feik

Mary Feik, a WASP, Engineer, and Aircraft restorer... and she still flies! And then Michelle Bassanesi and I have been emailing over the previous year. She is turning 50 during the ARC (Air Race Classic) and I'm turning 50 the month prior. We were planning to fly together, (100 years in the plane) but unfortunately my life didn't allow that to happen. I am so glad to know that Michelle has found a plane and will race. And I got to meet her. Looking forward to Seattle in May.

And the Fun Continued....

I always said that I was a SWA pilot at heart. A great Airline with great leadership... and they know how to have fun.

And then the connections and friendships continued...

Did you know that there is a Hug and Kiss Airline? I didn't. Actually they call themselves "X" "O" Jet. But they don't fool me... it's all about hugs and kisses here. Last year they hired 9 pilots from the Women in Aviation Conference. These pilots get to live anywhere they want and the company deadheads them to work. Every pilot I met loves this company... as you can tell.

Gina and Shauna

And then I got to finally meet some ladies I've been corresponding with via Linkedin, Twitter and Email. So nice to meet you ladies!

Theresa Farley... Embry Riddle Student, and Scholarship Winner!

And then at the end of the day, at the end of the Airline Pilot Panel, this beautiful young lady was standing in front of me. I'm thinking... I know her. And then she said, "Do you know who I am?" Yes? Wait. What? Oh... KATJA!!! I was so excited to meet her.

Remember when Katja was our Friday Fabulous Flyer? Or perhaps when she got her Pilots License. It's been a fun watching Katja fulfill her dreams. The next event...she is hosting a book signing in Florida this June. Stand by for more to come on that.

Liana... so nice to meet you too!


Moraima and I have been emailing, and finally connected in Dallas. She's so close to achieving her dreams... now her lesson is "patience."

And then who should show up but Syd! Syd Blue and I met two years ago at the San Diego Writers Conference. We had met and then said, "You're a pilot too?!?" I'm really looking forward to Syd's aviation books that are just around the corner. You can believe that I will be shouting about them here. Check out Fly Girl and Life is the Skies by clicking HERE.

Syd... it was so great to see you again!

Lynda interviewing Syd.

Who is Lynda? Wait until you read my Friday Flyer. She's an amazing woman, doing wonderful things. More to come on Friday. Oh wait... I might have some information on some scholarship $ one day this week, that Lynda is hosting.

All the people I met along the way were incredible... and we had so much fun and laughter.

Thank you all!

And then there were the ladies of Seattle...

Manuals, Flight Test, Simulator instruction and all pilots. Plus the recipient of the Boeing 737-type rating scholarship... Congratulations Anne-Marie! And Thank you Boeing!

Cindy, Emily, Karen, Anne-Marie

The women in Aviation Conference was amazing. So many scholarships in the form of cash, plus ISA+21 is giving away two scholarships... one a type-rating the other $$$! And the 99's gave away lots of $$$. Women in Aviation gave scholarships. And all the airlines had a presence and were recruiting. Yes... pilot hiring is underway. Some hiring now... XO Jet, Fed Ex. Alaska is accepting applications next fall for 2013 hiring. Delta will be hiring in the spring 2014.

The next century will bring the need for "33,000 new airplanes and over a million new pilots and technicians."

Tomorrow I'll tell you which is the airline that won me over. I called home and said, "Honey, how do you feel about the number 9?"

This is a great time to be looking for a flying job.

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Wow, this is amazing, Karlene. All that woman-power. I love it! And you got to see Syd! How fun is that? What a great gathering this was. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes... so wonderful to see Syd. She's doing amazing things with her business and her writing. Go women power.

  2. Lovely post, women has power in Aviation, and this is a good way of showing that! I like that you have with Bee Falk Haydu. And I'm so jealous that Theresa Farley won a Scholarship for Embry-Riddle! hahahah!

    1. Thank you Alex. I was so excited to meet Bee. Her book was wonderful and she is an amazing woman. Yes... Theresa was very deserving. An amazing lady.

  3. AWESOME PHOTOS! It's amazing having the opportunity to meet all of those wonderful people (esp. "Bee Falk Haydu) and making the connections. Congrats to Theresa for winning the scholarship! WN/Southwest Airlines is a great airline and we are blessed here in the NYC area to have them at EWR, LGA, and the base at ISP out on the island.

    1. Thanks Jeremy! Yes... I am so filled with gratitude for all the wonderful people I was able to meet on this journey. Blessed to have Southwest WN speaks volumes for the company.

  4. XO Jet, I love it! What a fantastic group of ladies, awesome photos and an excellent cause. I SO wish I could have been there. It looks like you had a blast.

    1. We did have a blast. And you know I love XO Jet. Wish you could have been there!

  5. All this makes me want to attend the next conference! Thanks for sharing Karlene, I dont know anyone but, it is definitely inspiring to see this!

    1. afsha, you must attend the next conference and then you will get to know everyone! It will be a great experience.


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