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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know you're destined to be a pilot if...

Stephanie, my neighbor down south, asked me if she could write something on my blog about becoming a pilot. But of course! Especially when it's all about helping pilots achieve their dreams. The real question is... how do you know if you're destined to be a pilot? Stephanie has the answer.

Becoming a pilot involves more than just getting into an aircraft. It takes a lot of hard work to learn the information and skills necessary to become a good pilot, not to mention all the hours that must be logged in airplane or helicopter flight training before becoming certified.

Before making the decision, take a look at some of the skills necessary for successful piloting to determine whether you truly are destined to be a pilot:

Enjoy flying: This may seem like a no-brainer, but potential pilots should consider the question carefully. With flying comes circumstances that make many people uncomfortable: turbulence and bad weather, to name a few. Of course along with the bad comes the good: a feeling of independence, freedom and excitement. If you love flying and your stomach can handle being in a few uneasy situations, you may be destined to be a pilot.

Understand flight mechanics: While it’s not necessary to have a Ph.D. in chemistry to become a successful pilot, many pilots are scientifically-minded—at least enough to understand how airplanes, helicopters and their instruments work and how weather and air currents can affect an aircraft. If you can do this, you may be destined to be a pilot.

Solve problems: A good pilot will need to have sharp problem-solving skills. He or she must have the ability to read and interpret signals and messages from the airplane or helicopter and from people. A pilot may also have to deal with emergency situations and act quickly to solve crises. If this sounds like you, you may be destined to be a pilot.

Good people skills: Whether flying commercial jets, single-engine aircraft or helicopters, pilots are people managers. An airline pilot will interface with crew, airport staff and air traffic control. He or she is responsible for the safety of the flight and for making sure the airplane takes off on time. No matter whether it’s just one person depending on a pilot or one hundred, it’s important that he or she be able to communicate with others effectively. If you enjoy being around people, you could be destined to be a pilot.

Curiosity and independence: The life of a pilot, whether he or she makes a career out of it or not, is often unpredictable and varied. The hours are often unusual and the destinations can vary from the next city over to halfway around the world. If you love travel and adventure, you may be destined to be a pilot.

No matter what, if you are determined to be a pilot, don’t give up on your dream. It may not be easy, but if you are destined to be a pilot, it will most definitely be worth it.

Post provided by Hillsboro Aviation. For more information about becoming a pilot and
helicopter courses visit Hillsboro Aviation.

Remember one thing when you're deciding to become a pilot...

You won't know if you love it, unless you do it. Take that first flight and get in a plane. If you have passion, we can teach you how to fly.

I decided to take that journey because I was told I couldn't. (See that story HERE) But I continued down the flight path for a career after I took my introductory flight, because I loved it!

This is why I'm involved with Women Of Aviation... where we open the doors and give women and girls free flights for a week in March. If you're interested in a free flight ... anywhere in the world...
sign up to follow my blog, leave me a message here and tell me what state and country you live in, and we will make that happen. Guys... you can become involved too. Your support of an event can lead to a free ride!

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Wow. I might be destined to become a pilot :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that with us.
    I would add:
    - multitasking,
    - hability and willing to work as a team, as pilots we spend hours as a two (sometimes three) person crew in a very confined space,
    - be adventurous (the first few jobs after training will need a lot of that, not everyone has what it takes to do medical flights on very short remote runways in Arizona while flying in extreme weather conditions),
    - good spatial awereness,
    And a lot more.

    There are a lot of downsides, but you do get the most beautiful office in the world, doing a very rewarding job.

    I personally enjoy every bit of it, as I remember how hard it has been to get where I am now.

    Last but not least, you have to have a little bit of dream, you've got to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them.
    This career is like a path full of obstacles, they're here to make you remember how hard you want it.

  3. Excellent advice from Stephanie. The first step to achieving our dream is to understand and realize it.

  4. Trouble is, unless you're a professional being paid to fly, it's too expensive to continue. I remember renting Piper 140s and Cessna Skyhawks for under $20 an hour back in the 70s. No more. Sad.

  5. I really like her answers:)
    Yes,I won't give up on my dream as she said.
    Thank you for sharing her answers,Karlene san!
    Have a great day,


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