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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Motivation: Time to Believe!

"At some point, you have

to believe that you are good
enough at what you do
- in order to achieve it."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of - The Soul Whisperer

There comes a time when you must believe, to achieve!

We cannot think ourselves into becoming pilots, or believe we’re great authors and therefore we are. There is a ton of hard work involved. But there comes a point in time when you’ve been taught, read, learned, studied, and practiced, that you need to believe you are good enough in order to achieve your dreams.

It’s time to believe in you!

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing… having the confidence to do it will take you to the next level. Believe you can, and you will. If you live in doubt, fear, and lack confidence, you won’t fulfill those dreams because you’ll never put yourself out there to know that you can do it.

The only thing stopping you is you!

For those of us type-A personalities…always trying to do for our kids, our students, our spouses, or friends… there is a point we need to sit on our hands, and allow them to do for themselves. At some point we need to believe in them. Believe that they are good enough, and when we do— when we allow them to believe they can—they will shine. One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is to believe in them. Give yourself that gift too.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. This was just so what I needed today! Thank you so much for pushing me to think for myself. To get back to writing words - even if they're crap. You can't work with a blank page after all!

    Great blog!!

  2. Wonderful inspiration, Karlene, and I totally BELIEVE you and agree with you. It can be such a hard step for some of us, but if we don't believe in ourselves when we need to, we forfeit great things. Thanks so much for a great post.

  3. How true!!! I did that with my oldest, and he is thriving and reaching for the stars. Thank you for this post it means a lot!!!



  5. You're absolutely right, we should all give ourselves this gift. Beautifully said!

  6. Completely right. It's good to be a giver but one has to realise that one must take care of themselves to help make their achievements happen. P.s., loving the photo of my beloved 777..

  7. Thank you Linda. I'm thinking this accounts for publishing too. There is a point we have to have confidence our work is good and we had to send it out into the world. Otherwise, we'll never know.

  8. Jen, Thank you so much for the comment. And I write crap too! :) That's why I love editing. Steven Spielberg suggests to just get it out... write for the garbage can. That is the first step. You're on your way! Keep writing!

  9. Cathy, Thank you so much for the comment, and sharing your success in raising your son. Support, encouragement and allowing them to do is the best gift we can give them.

  10. Thank you Dipeet! Keep believing in you. I do!

  11. Heather, you are living this. You believed and look at you go! Thank you for your comment!

  12. Thanks for your comment Jeremy! I'm so glad you love the photo. One of the many wonderful sights I get to view out my office window. How lucky is that?

  13. Awesome! Thank you so much for this!

  14. Thank you for sharing inspirational story and inspirational photo,Karlene san.

    Once I know my dream,I need to protect this dream.
    Yes,Never give up achieving dream with hope!!

    Have a great day.

  15. E. Arroyo, Thank you so much for the nice comment!

  16. Jun, you know your dream, and I know you will hold it close and protect it. Always... keep dreaming, and flying!

  17. Karlene,
    I'd like to share another two motivators with you.
    The first is "Impossible is ... only a stepping stone to success!" (mine, what I live by, viewing obstacles as challenges and not accepting no for an answer) and the other one is "The one thing that will guarantee the successful conclusion of a doubtful undertaking is faith in the beginning that you can do it." (William James, where I find determination to continue and the correct attitude)
    thanks for a great start to the week!

  18. Thank you Michelle, what a great comment. I've had many impossible stones set in my path. I just jumped from one to the other. It works! And faith you can make the leap. Yes. I too don't take no... maybe that's why I have a hard time telling other people no. Have a wonderful week!

  19. Thanks, Karlene, for your inspiration. As a care-giver I at times get overwhelmed, with house cleaning and clutter. But I'm reminded here that I can do it...."Just do it."

  20. You can do it. Being a care-giver is one of the most challenging jobs there is. Remember to take time to take care of yourself. Hang in there and "Just do it!"


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