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Monday, September 12, 2011

What Lies Ahead

"The way forward is

not to think about what you
have left behind - but to focus
on what lies ahead."

~ by Eleesha
Author of - The Soul Whisperer

The key to success is focus.

But misdirected focus can destroy your life.

What...Destroy my life!?!

More or less…yes!

Worrying about what has happened before prevents you from enjoying the present, living in the now, and focusing on the future. Focusing on what you left behind kills brain cells, wastes time, and sucks energy. It’s like thinking about the runway behind you, when you need to abort the takeoff.

Learn from the past, but don’t live there. Know that everything that has happened in your life has made you the person that you are, and has brought you to this moment. This moment is perfect.

Yesterday I said to my husband, “If only I’d started writing years ago, my life would be so different.” And a few days ago someone said, “condolences” when he’d heard that I’d worked for eight airlines. Well, I immediately took back that fleeting thought about my “writing earlier,” and I’m thankful I’ve worked for eight airlines. I would not change my life, because the timing and experiences created my life.

If I wasted time wishing what could have been, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have the friends I have in my life, the experiences I’ve embraced, or eight airlines worth of data to write about. My life, energy, and attitude come from living fully in the moment and focusing on the future... not living somewhere behind me. I’m thankful for everything that has happened in my past—good and bad—as it has all brought me to where I am today—physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yesterday after my 13-day adventure—scheduling called. I’m heading to Osaka this morning. Another life adventure in the making.

Enjoy the Journey!

XOX Karlene


  1. Thank you for sharing inspirational experience knowledge.I really agree with your idea!!!!
    Karlene san!!! You come to Osaka as an airline pilot? That is very awesome.Have a safe trip!

  2. Fantastic post, Karlene! I love your philosophy and your attitude. We ARE who we are partly because of our past experiences, whatever they were, and we grow and thrive from each of them (especially the tough ones!).

  3. Focus forward. So, so true!! Great post! Thanks for posting it in #WS4U!!

  4. Hi Jun, I am looking forward to landing on your runway at your airport! I'll be looking for you! So excited to finally meet you!

  5. Linda, so true. Those tough ones are the best teachers! And the writing comment... my first thought was the timing of my (finally) attending the Hawaii writers retreat was the week you and Heather were there. How perfect was that?

  6. Sheri, Thank you so much for saying hi! I love reading all the comments on #WS4U... and I thought we all could use a little motivation.

  7. Awesome post, Karlene! Cheers to another adventuress!!!!

  8. And, after all of that... You are happy, healthy and 'those folks' still let you play with very big airplanes. Yup! I'd agree, life is pretty good. (I don't play with big airplanes, but have my own little set of pleasures. On that rare, dull day, I find pleasure in watching my trees grow. Best wishes and safey, happy flying to 'ya. -Craig

  9. Thank you Samantha! So much adventure!!!

  10. Thank you Craig! Yes... it is fun to play with planes. But guess what! I too love to watch my trees grow. Great pleasure in wandering in my yard, and watering my plants. Being with nature. One day you can find me living in my little cabin in the woods. Thanks for the comment!


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