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Monday, March 7, 2011

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week Has Begun!

Today I'm taking my annual checkride. It may be an annual event, but a first for me on the A330. What a great day for a checkride... the first day of  Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week... and a great day to celebrate. If all goes well, tonight I'll be climbing into my bed around midnight and then you can find me hitchhiking to Billings Montana tomorrow around noon.

What's happening in Billings? 

An A300 will make a beautiful landing at Billings International Airport, KBIL, piloted by two brilliant women:  

Captain Terri Donner and Captain Jodi Budenaers. 

Terri just completed her 7th annual Junior Girl Scout Aerospace Day at Bowman Field Saturday, putting 175 middle school girls through the Aerospace Badge. Not only has she been a member of the 99s since she was 17, but is the mother of three.

Her eldest, Nick, is twenty-six and a first officer at Express Jet based in Chicago. Her son Chase is twenty-four and, after four years of college football, lives in Atlanta and is a  project accountant at Perkins and Will. Her twenty-year-old daughter, Amelia, is a sophomore at Murray State University in Kentucky and Terri's best friend. Terri has been married for 30 year, too. 
Tomorrow Terri will fly with a brilliant Captain, Jodi Budenaers, who traded the trip to fly with Terri in honor of this event. Jodi will fly as Terri's copilot. Jodi is not only the UPS Independent Pilot Association Training committee chairman, but the mother of two, and her husband is also an airline pilot. Jodi is also a ex-Air Force.

Unlike most pilots after a landing who head directly to the hotel, Terri and  Jodi will stay at the airport and provide tours of their plane to local girls and women sharing their love of aviation.

You're Invited:    Tuesday March 8th
Where:                 Billing's Airport, KBIL
Time:                    5:25 p.m.

Meet these incredible women and take a tour of their airplane.

Mobile AL event for Boys & Girls Club on Feb 19th
They are scheduled to land about 5:25 local time. Watch them land and taxi in. 45 minutes to unload. They should begin tours around 615. Please join us and bring your daughters for an opportunity of a lifetime. It may just change a young ladies life.

I hope to see you there! Thank you UPS!

Enjoy the Journey!



  1. I wish I could be there! I have no doubt you ladies are going to have a fantastic time!

  2. I love all the things pilots do behind the scenes to connect with their communities. This is wonderful, and if I were in Billings I'd definitely head to the airport tonight for a tour. Inspiring.

  3. Thank you Heather and Linda for your continued support! I wish you could be there too. But you always are! XOX Karlene

  4. Need more events in the UK! Another great opportunity for girls, they just keep coming. Keep up the good work :)

  5. Hi Jo... you do! Check out what Victoria is doing. I bet you and Lauren could plan an event! Next year, we're getting you out here. Lets just plan on it! Bid time off. Get passports in order. And, we will make it happen for sure!

  6. Hi Karlene, once Lauren gets established with the aero club where she will be taking lessons, I am going to volunteer when they have events, and then maybe organise something next year once we get to know the pilots and staff flying in and out of the club. Great things to come :)

  7. Joanne, That is so exciting. I'm hoping she is entering the essay contest too. You will organize a great event. You have to check out @annalons on twitter. She just took her first flight. You could come up with some great ideas together. She would help.

  8. Lauren has entered the essay contest, not sure if it sent ok though, as no confirmation message showed up. She wrote a great essay with little words and so much meaning, I loved what she wrote. Will check out annalons on twitter, thanks for the contact :0) x

  9. Hi Jo, email and ask Mireille if she got it. I haven't had any confirmations come my way. So... hopefully it's set up right. Thanks!


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