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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Closest Airports: They're all so Foreign!

The closest airport function on the DATA page makes finding an airport easy. But when I select the closest airport prompt, everything is so foreign!

What in the heck are those 4 letter identifiers?

RJAA, EGLL, PANC... Where in the world are those airports?

If you know the first two letters, you'll know where the airport is...
  • EI:   Ireland (Europe, Ireland) 
  • EG: England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland (Europe Great Britain)
  • LFFrance (Lower or Latin Europe, France)
  • LPPortugal (or Islands owned by Portugal such as Lajes--LFPA)
  • BI:   Iceland (North Atlantic... Brrrrrr)
  • BG: Greenland.
  • C:    Canada
  • P:    USA Pacific region. 
  • U:    Russia. (USSR)
  • RJJapan.
  • RK: Korea
  • Z:     China Z Heck if I know... do you?
ON a side note.... Did you know if you've leveled off before you've reached cruise and you press DATA and select closest suitable airports that you won't have any data for those airports? You'll need to re-cruise yourself and all the data will appear. 

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Nice! I havent got to fly in those countries yet but soon I hope! :) Nice to see that there is some sort of logic to it!

  2. Thanks Jean, and when you do... you'll know where you're going! :)

  3. The nearest airport to my hometown - ENCN
    The busiest airport in my country - ENGM

  4. That's really intereting Karlene (and hilarious)!

  5. Not sure what the logic for "Y" for Australia is either??. YSSY - Syndey Intl YMML - Melbourne Intl YMMB - Moorabbin - my local ;)

  6. Thanks Cecilie, now we know exactly where to find you!

  7. It is interesting and still confusing. But as long as we know where we're going...that's what matters.

  8. "Y" for Australia... must be for "Yummy" Those Aussies have such a sexy accent, love to laugh, and are great fun. And they like to walkabout. :) We'll have to confirm.

  9. Karlene,

    Do any of the nav computers on the Princess use ICAO codes instead of IATA?

    YYC Dispatcher

  10. YYC Dispatcher... the Princess uses ICAO codes.


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