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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flying It Forward ... Again!

Women Of Aviation
Flying It Forward 2011
Renton Airport! 

"The most female friendly airport in the United States, 2010"

Sunday, March 13th
“Today is my day to Fly”

When: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Where: BEFA—Boeing Employee Flying Association—840 West Perimeter Road,
Renton, Washington, 98055


Yes, we are at it again! Planes. Pilots. Smiling faces. And they're forecasting rain. I'm forecasting fun and smiles. Inspiration and future pilots. Weather permitting we'll be flying 200 women. 

Tom Gwilym

Ruth Morales
Austin Watson
Rochelle Oslick
Joyce Rust
Mark Gaponoff
Jay Sakas
Dick Smith
Catherine Woodard
Peter Morton

Kevin Wyman's Beaver... will be on Wheels!
Mike Lester's Beaver
Hopefully Bunky will bring his Stearman. 

Take the week to share the gift of flight with the women you love. Life is short. Make time to fly. 

Enjoy the journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Hey, Karlene, I'm excited. Just tell me when to report for volunteer duty and I'll be there!

  2. Making people smile and sharing the dream, that's what it's all about! Have fun Karlene!

  3. Do you need any ground support? I'm not (currently) busy that day. I'm trying to get my first solo cross-country done either tomorrow or Saturday, but it might get pushed to Sunday. Fingers crossed. I might show up anyway just to say hi. :)


  4. Where have I been? Thanks for volunteering Linda. Email coming soon! We'll have fun...rain or shine!

  5. Heather, it is all about sharing dreams. That's what I love about writing and blogging with you! Thank you!!!

  6. Hi Christine, we would love your help!!! Yes, come support. And, I'm hoping this weather clears for you. I know your excited for your flight!

  7. Who let La Nina sign up? When she comes don't let her in the gate!
    Hoping for some good flying weather Sunday.

  8. Weather isn't good today - are we still on tomorrow????

  9. I will be at the airport... rain or shine... as will some of our pilots. We're going to hold out and see. I'll be posting a blog first thing in the morning with a better idea. But, we have coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, wings, and a chance to win some great prizes... whether we fly or not.

  10. I live about 6 minutes away so I have no excuse!
    I'll grab my plane at 10am if it looks ok, otherwise I'll meet at BEFA at 10am and join up with the group shaking our fist at the sky until the clouds break....then I'll go get my plane!

  11. Thanks TOM!!! I'm thinking if it's pouring... Pizza a beer? :) We'll all be shaking our fists. See you there!

  12. Just looked at the TAF for BFI. Mentioned wind shear from surface to 2,000 feet at 35 knots.
    We'll just have to fly above 2,000 feet! :-)

  13. Rained out of Renton today and disappointed, but
    enjoyed listening to the pilots and loved their enthusiasm. Hope to make it up next time. Thanks for the chance to participate!

  14. Thanks so much for doing this event - again! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate! Can't wait to do more with you :-)

  15. Thank you for your comment Jamiest! I watch for a blog for an update for the re-fly in May.

  16. Hi Education, yes... we will fly again! I'm going to send info out to everyone soon!


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