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Monday, March 28, 2011

Airbus is an Apple?

I'm continually asked which do I "like" better: Airbus of Boeing. That's a tough question. I love them both. Equally great companies.

A couple months ago I was in a search for a new computer. PC or MAC? I asked many questions. MAC users love Apple. PC users love their PC. Nobody could really tell me "why." I finally took the plunge and bought a MAC. After operating it I realized why I love my MAC better than the PC. I do know the reasons why... despite the fact I still don't know how to operate all its features. Then I thought about the differences between Boeing and Airbus.

The way I see it, the difference between Boeing and Airbus is similar to the difference between a PC and a MAC. Boeing is the PC. Airbus in the MAC.

A PC is something that most of us know how to use. We can turn it on and operate it with ease. We know what it's doing and feel comfortable. But the MAC is smarter and can do more things than the PC. It just operates differently. Thinks different. But is more efficient, and brilliant. Once you figure out how to use all the features, there is nothing you can't do. You just need practice operating it, or live close to an Apple store... and read the manual often.

I love my MAC, and I visit my local Apple Store often. And tomorrow I'll go fly my Airbus and become reacquainted with her. One day I'll fall in love with her too like I have with my MAC. But for now, sitting reserve is a lonely job when they never call you.

For now looking forward to getting above the rain and seeing some sunshine.

Enjoy the Journey!



  1. So funny you chose this comparison! When I read your post with the picture of that beautiful Boeing 747 last week, the first thing that leapt to my mind was how the Boeing seemed like a MAC to me. It's appeal is visceral, intuitive. But I'll take your word for it that when it comes to actually flying the thing, the reverse applies!

  2. The Boeing 747-800 "IS" like a MAC. The older Boeings are more like the PC. That beautiful plane we looked at last week is a lot like the Bus.
    Thanks for the comment. I smiled knowing that we were thinking about our computers and plane analogy at the same time.

  3. You make a great point. We are comfortable with what we know. When we branch out and expand our experience is where life becomes really interesting. Reach for the stars Karlene! They always make me feel better. ;)

  4. The problem with macs is that you can't go in and play around with the guts of the computer the way you can with a PC. It doesn't really affect most people, but it's easy to change things with PCs and modify them to get them to do what you want a lot better. They definitely have a ton of problems, but programmers have a lot more fun trying to change things on PCs than on Macs. PCs are also a lot cheaper to fix. I don't know how enough about massive planes to know whether that also applies to them though. I just know I've had a PC since I was 3 and I used Macs on a daily basis in elementary school for about five or six years. I've had trouble with every Mac that's come out since the 90s, starting with iMacs. Computers do exactly what they're told, but it's hard to talk to a Mac.


    In other news, I'm waiting to go on my long cross country. Somebody make the weather less bad please.

  5. Ah but in which airplane did you have to press CTRL ALT DEL most often? I suspect the Airbus may win in time on the reset front.
    Great blog and brilliant comparison :)

  6. Thank you Heather! I will be thinking about reaching for them as I fly. Nothing is as brilliant over the ocean on a clear night. Have a great day!

  7. Oh Pete, that is really funny! I think the Cessna is like a calculator.

  8. Christine, we all need good weather. It's time! I laughed at your response. Yes, yes and yes! lol. So, I was right... the Bus is an Apple. We definitely don't want to get in and play with her to fix anything beyond what she tells us. But the Boeing, there is a sense of what's going on and yes, there was trouble shooting involved when we flew her. I think the simplistic systems with the Boeing make her easier to understand by mechanics. The Bus...they just do what the manual says without really knowing why or what.
    But... efficiency is good. My old PC was so slow! You got to play on a MAC in the 90's? Nice.
    Have a great day. Do a sun dance. And get that cross country going!

  9. There are so many times I'm looking for the CTRL ALT DEL button. Actually... there is an excellent point for another blog. More differences. Could it be a safety issue? Perhaps. Thanks for the comment!

  10. It's nearly 300 miles. Auburn to Port Angeles then down to Hoquiam and back to Auburn. Wheeee.

  11. Karlene made the right choice! I know I won't get calls from her saying "Tom, I think I got a virus!"
    As for planes vs. computers, you are right too. I flew a 777 simulator once and rode from SEA to PAE in a A320 cockpit, but never flew one obviously.
    I find that the 737 is like riding in an old noisy rattling school bus. Get into an airbus, and you don't even know if the engines are running. I really like flying in Airbus planes.
    As for me, I use Mac at work and Linux at home.

    (treading dangerously in the land of Boeing and Microsoft!)


  12. Hi Karlene, an interesting analogy that makes perfect sense. Likeed Pete's comment on Linux and Embraer he he. Also waiting to do a xcountry this weekend.

  13. Thanks Capt Daggs! I hope you get to do a cross-county this week? Next weekend? Hope it happens soon.


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