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Friday, October 15, 2010

OLEG: Friday's Fabulous Flyer...

Oleg may not be a pilot, but he's a huge support system for those of us who navigate over Russian airspace. A highly educated young man, he's earned two degrees from the Academy of Civil Aviation... One in HR management, and the other in air traffic controlling.

 Oleg receives his ATC license

Oleg is now an Air Traffic Controller in Russia, and responsible for air safety in the upper air area... Air Route Traffic Control Center. But this isn't where he'd imagined his life would take him.

Oleg's childhood dream had been to become an actor or singer. His interest in aviation took him into the control tower. But his goals for financial independence started his mind searching for another way. 

While he was studying at the university, he told his classmates that he "would become one of the first, if not the very first, ATC-millionaire."  To do this, he'd have to be creative.

Creativity in Russia? Oleg told me the Russian's have a joke: "Step to the left or step to the right - you'll be shot."  But creative Oleg has become, and he's yet to be shot. Maybe because he followed the rules and wouldn't provide pictures of his office.  I tried. He was forbidden

Simulator Training

In pursuit of his financial dreams, Oleg came up with the website:  MILLIONAIRE AIRSPACE

He created a virtual airspace with a  "Success Hub Airport" in the center. He believes that everyone should be able to own their own private jet, or an entire fleet of aircraft, with their company logo on it.  How much will it cost to buy your own virtual jet?  For $100 your dreams of aircraft ownership will come true, and this will help Oleg move one step closer to find his millionaire status. Think about it. No insurance! No Fuel! No maintenance! Sounds good to me. :)

Oleg was kind enough to give me my own plane. I'll be selling virtual charters soon. Bags are free!

Oleg says, "As in real life, airspace is limited."

Oleg's dreams in Russia are like most of ours. He wants to own his own flat, and a car. To be married. Invest in financial markets, donate to charity, make his mother proud and enable her the opportunity to travel. And he says he needs a new bed.

Visit Oleg's website and see if you can spot my airplane on the radar screen.

Oleg, keep telling people you're going to be a Millionaire and don't give up searching for a way to make that happen. You won't fail unless you quit.  And remember... volume is a key to retail. ;)

Now, I have a question for you. Years ago when flying with Tower Air through Russia airspace, every sector I was sent to, the last controller always said, "Good luck lady." I thought they knew something I didn't. I recently flew with someone who said that he too was told good luck passing through Russian airspace.  Is this something that Russian controllers say, like others say good bye?

 Good luck and make sure you say hi when I'm flying overhead.

~Enjoy the Journey~



  1. What an awesome story. Best of luck to Oleg! I love his determination!

  2. Once again, great article. Though the link to his site is broken! :) You may want to update that.

  3. Thank you Andrew... will fix that now!

  4. Karlene… Thank you so much for the Friday Flyer post!!! I’ve got a smile past my ears… I’m so happy… :)
    About your question... It made me laugh :)
    You are absolutely right!
    This is the exact way how some of old-school :) controlles in Russia say good bay!
    Why don't you try flying over Russia from east to the west (or vice virsa) nowadays and you will catch a lot of new phrases... :)Russian ATCs are working very hard to improve their English!!! (We all have to reach Level 4 of ICAO scale)... By the way, I've done that! :-)

  5. How creative! Good luck Oleg! I like your attitude!

  6. Great Friday Flyer post, Karlene. The human spirit for adventure, success and love of life really is the same all over the globe. Best of luck to Oleg!

  7. Vic, thanks for comment and support! He does have a great attitude!

  8. The human spirit for adventure... sounds like a great book. Shall we write it? Thanks for the comment Linda.


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