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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Congratulations Video Winners!

Today I promised to announce the winners of the B747 video contest.

But First-- A funny thing happened to me on the way home today.

I flew with a wonderful crew to Amsterdam. Slept 6 hours. Woke up around dinner time, played on my computer... back to bed at 11 for a 5 am wake up. When we all arrived at the airport for our 8 a.m. departure, there were three first officers. We had all been scheduled for the same trip. Further inspection I realized-- to my good fortune-- that I was the deadheading crew member.

My fingers flew on the computer and I listed for a deviate deadhead non-stop into Seattle. KLM allowed me to use their phone to call scheduling, and home. Then KLM put me on the General Declaration-- meaning, I was a crew member and could navigate customs via the crew line. This is an amazing feat in the land of "Is not possible."

3 hours later I was snuggled into my first class seat headed for Seattle. But not before I told a first class passenger I was sleeping with him.

At the gate he said, "Are you flying us to Seattle today?"
I said, "No, I'm just a passenger. So I guess I'll be sleeping with you to Seattle."
I'm not sure who laughed first, but I said, "That didn't sound right did it?"
He said, "I kind of liked it."

It's all about making your customers happy. ;)

An excellent gift on my last trip out of the Detroit base. I flew right on by on my way home.

I was planning on giving away 2 videos. But I've decided to give away 3!

The winners were selected using:
Winners are:

1.) LostAv8r @737av8r
2.) D.B Cooper
3.) rikht @pilotnl

Now you guys have to email me at  Put "video winner' in the header, and send me your address.

For all the rest of you who would like to purchase a video... Email Mark at
and let him know if you want to buy one.

Have a great weekend!

~Enjoy the Journey


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