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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mumbai: A Taste of India

The journey continues... And this time to Mumbai!

Mumbai... my first visit. The airport: BOM. Mumbai was formerly knows as Bombay until the name changed in 1996. It's the richest city in India, 2nd most populous, and 3rd largest. And in 2009 Mumbai became an Alpha City... a Global City... that controls a disproportionate amount of world business.

View from my room
I have a great zoom!

We snuck into Mumbai in the middle of the night, and left the same way. While this may be the richest city, poverty cannot be overlooked. The drive to and from the hotel was in the dark of night, but it didn't mask the shacks, the people, and the poverty that lined the streets.

The feeling of guilt swept over me as entered one of the most beautiful hotels. High ceilings, ornate fixtures, and marble paved hallways to a gorgeous room. A glass wall separated my huge bathtub and king sized bed, that overlooked the swimming pool with a view across the lake to the city.

0100... Party in the Crew Room! Snacks, sodas, and good people sharing laughter after a long flight. It's amazing what getting together with the crew can do for a positive impact with CRM.

I was in bed by 0400 a good nap, and awoke in time to support the economy. I actually bought my husband an Elephant for our 29th Wedding Anniversary! And I did a little Christmas shopping for family and friends. This week is the one year anniversary for my Scribe Sisters and they were with me. Yes ladies, I'm taking notes.

0100 departure in the rain...we headed towards Tehran. Note to readers: Tonight was my walkaround and the rain stopped just before I went outside, and started again the moment I stepped back onto the aircraft. This happens to me all the time.

Returning to Amsterdam, 0615, and the "Night" Arrival was sill in process. I had been told it would take me years to get comfortable in the A330. Tonight... despite my exhaustion, she felt really good. The princess and I are slowly becoming friends.

Schiphol Tower

Tomorrow look forward to some realizations about the A330. She is a Princess and she does lie to you. As long as you know what to expect... all will be well.

Until then...

~Enjoy the journey!



  1. It is our anniversary! Happy anniversary to us! What an amazing trip. I love the pictures you took!

  2. Thanks Heather! Happy Anniversary! :)

  3. It's been a great year for the Scribe Sisters! Thanks for all the encouragement and support throughout the year. I'm so glad we connected!

  4. Thanks Jule... Yes it has. And, many more to come!

  5. she aint lied to me yet :P ive always got to my virtual destinations safe n sound

  6. Happy Anniversary to us! I cannot believe it's been a year -- the time has zipped by as if carried by the A330! Powerful, productive and with a mind of its own.

  7. Thanks Linda. Yes...Happy Anniversary! And too funny about the A330 with a powerful mind of her own. Next year lets go back to Hawaii... we can take the 330 out of Seattle!

  8. That is so good to hear Jason. Speaking of getting to your destination... on our trip to Amsterdam, the flight attendants kept calling, because the passengers were concerned the moving map showed we were going to Paris. We assured them that this plane always goes where she is supposed to go!

  9. How did you get the elephant home, Kar/ Same way Rothmeier did, smuggled in cargo?? LOL

  10. Loved it! I hope you had fun... hope you get to visit Mahesh Lunch Home soon!


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