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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Auto Tune Mystery Solved!

Scheduling called! A red-eye and I'm back in Detroit. Remember that mystery picture...Westin Hotel. I couldn't give you the answer because I'd forgotten the room number. Murphy's Law... they put me in the same room! 213. Lottery numbers?

Answer to the Auto Tune in Ghana:  Before the Satellite would auto tune, it needed to know where it was. Before it would give us an align prompt... it needed a Satellite, because in Ghana we didn't have ACARS... which needed VHF. The chicken and the egg thing going on.

Solution. We gave it a Departure/Destination in the MCDU. That enabled the alignment prompt. Then we could select align. Once aligned, the plane knew where she was. We then used the SATCOM won't auto tune procedure. We cycled the data base to empty that data, after we were connected, and then were able to upload the accurate data.

Oh...the magic of the planes and the mystery of the minds operating her in the middle of the night on the other side of the world. Life is good!

 I'm off to Amsterdam...then Bombay! Another first.

~ Enjoy the journey!

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