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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

When Aviation is More than a Career

It's a Passion! 

August 8, 2014 Rick Watson, shared his story as a Friday Fabulous Flyer. His passion for flying was unmatched, and then his aviation career was cut short when he burst his eardrum. His pursuit of flight thereafter became one of faith. Then again he was back in August 5, 2016 he was back with us. He had earned his rating to fly a sport aircraft and he was back in the sky, and became a flight instructor

"One hell of a journey but I never lost sight of my goal."

 Rick Watson

"Never lose sight of your dreams 
and feed your passion."

 Rick Watson 2010

"I have now embarked on a project with one of New Zealands leading aviation training organizations Massey University Aviation Centre to be the head of their RPAS programme where we teach the fundamentals of CAA Part 101 and 102 regulations so that operators have a better understanding of the airspace that they are sharing with our manned aircraft operations, this includes, but is not limited to Radio Operations, Meteorology, understanding airspace and VNC's, the privacy act and other considerations when operating an unmanned aircraft."

"We run courses for many agencies including the military, Land Search and Rescue, Fire Emergency NZ and the NZ Police. At the end of the 3 day course we conduct flight testing and the course attendees will obtain their Wings Badges and operating certification."

Rick displays the true test of character, 
showing that life doesn't end when challenges are 
thrown your way,  life just begins anew.

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Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene 

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