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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Finding Happiness

In the First Day of Spring

Yesterday I took a walk in my yard and noticed the flowers were blooming, the ducks had returned and soon we'll have ducklings, and I that my lawn needs mowing. I love to mow my lawn and the first day of Spring will bring sunny skies in Seattle, so that's where you will find me. Signs of spring and life are everywhere. While we are in the throws of social distancing due to Covid 19, I hope that everyone can take a moment to remember the good things in life, feel gratitude, and not allow fear to surpass common sense. I send prayers to all the families who have lost their loved ones, and I hope that you can remember the good times you've shared. With so many deaths, it's hard to imagine that kind of loss. But it does make you appreciate those you still have in your life. 

Moving forward, follow all recommendations, and do the best you can to stay healthy. That is all you can do. While it may feel like the government is reacting to the bunnies that have been let out of the cage, and trying to catch them before they reproduce, I'm sure administrators are doing the best they can do. Regardless, this virus has been released. We're many steps behind catching it. Based upon the facts, I believe there is something that could be done in an attempt to contain it.

Fact: we have a limited number of testing kits. Fact: when someone in the high risk group has symptoms they probably have the virus, therefore no need to test. Fact: People are working so you can eat, travel if necessary, and buy your toilet paper. Wouldn't it make sense to test all employees that have to go to work, to ensure they are not infecting thousands of customers?

Don't shut down the airlines, ground the planes, close the airports or stores. But do test every employee to ensure they are not carriers and spreading while they work. We cannot control those customers that may come into our path, but we can limit the potential carriers that are in the publics eye. It's just a thought in the chaos of the virus. 

Also, let's try to be less judgmental and realize everyone is doing their best. I've received a preponderance of jokes and shared a few when they made me smile. Pilots are a group of people who historically find humor in life. It's a way of dealing with stress, or things we don't have control over. Everyone deals with stress differently, and humor is the best medicine. Either you laugh or you cry. 


Eliminating stress will produce the greatest benefit to your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the better the chance you will stay healthy when you get the virus. Yes, chances are we will all get this virus. Therefore, for now... exercise, stay hydrated, mediate, laugh often and be less judgmental, even of yourself. 

Happy Spring! 

Enjoy the Journey
XO Karlene 

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