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Monday, March 16, 2020

Lack of FAA Responsiveness

A history of Looking the Other Way 

Historically pilots have been blamed for accidents and incidents. However, I believe if we always blame the pilot, then nothing will be changed.

Research Complete
Don't Blame the Pilot

During my quest to identify the real problem, I pursued a Ph.D. in Aviation. I learned that pilot training is negatively impacting performance, that our industry as a whole has a negative safety culture, and that culture is impacting the level of understanding, due to training. During my research I also discovered that the FAA has known of the issues with automation as a result of training since 1996!

In 1996 an FAA human factors task force reported that pilots showed weaknesses in understanding, automation/mode awareness, and insufficient knowledge and skills. This task force also reported heightened concern with both the quality and quantity of automation training. They identified that this would be a concern for the future of aviation, and should be addressed. However, the chair of that committee, in receipt of that report, did absolutely nothing to address those issues. 

The chair of that committee, became the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) chief scientific and technical advisor for the flight deck human factors group, and in 2015 spoke at the IASS conference, reporting that flight skill loss and mode awareness to be industry problems. She also included a concern for pilot issues dealing with operational confusion and guidance versus control. This appeared to come as a surprise to her. However, she chaired the committee and received the report identifying these exact problems, nineteen years earlier. This was no surprise. 

FAA lack of oversight is a growing concern...
but not a new reality. 

Now you can read more of what I learned.

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