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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Go Fund DB

Not to be confused with Go Fund Me. 

This is an All out Effort to Clone
Or Sell some books. 

Please help in this all out effort 
to keep Darby out of the loony bin 
and remain gainfully employed 
as an Airline Pilot. 

Darby is suffering from a serious illness of accomplishing too much in her attempt to fight for safety. Yes, she had recently been making doctors nervous due to her condition, in that she continually accomplishes what she sets out to do. This could be problematic as the New Year is approaching and resolutions are being created. 

Unfortunately these doctors have never seen such a disorder, and there is no prescription to reduce her functionality without side effects such as, but not limited to, hair loss, heartburn, ulcers, nosebleeds, heart failure, hearing loss, mood swings, and inability to operate heavy machinery.... or just a really bad hangover. Thus...we need your help! 

Please purchase your copy of 

With your help we can save Darby!

How your purchase will help: 

All proceeds will go into the cloning project. If we could make a few more Darby's we could reduce the concerns of sociopathic doctors that don't understand how one person (a pilot no less) could have high performance and be a pilot too. Clones would also confuse management, who may trying to take her out (not in the dating aspect). With many Darby's flying around the system, they wouldn't know which target to hit, and doctors could relieve their stress with concerns of her over achievement. Besides, everyone loves Darby... so why not a few more? 

Your help is needed to 
Clone Darby today!

Or buy perhaps just buy the novel
and leave an Amazon comment. 

This way you'll be ready for 
(coming soon... but not soon enough)

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. 😂😂 Love it!! Maybe an asylum for over achievers?!

    1. YES... and maybe we can sell the T-shirts! Or just the uniform that says:


      Many Awesome Normal and Intelligent People Achieving!


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