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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Research in the Rainforest!

Pilots... we need photos! 

Miguel A. Trinidad
Needs your assistance. 

Miguel needs pilots who are flying over 
the gulf of Mexico to South America, 
to snap photos for his research!

"I am Senior student of Biochemical Engineering, working on an environmental project in the Tropical Rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz (México).

This is a non-profit project aimed to collect technical and scientific information available to understand and determine the current water quality withdrawal for human consumption, and as well the future availability in ten rural communities of the study area.

The project needs aerial images to see how the vegetation is distributed over the mountains from an oblique perspective. It's something so simple that the pilots or the crew can do it with an ordinary smart phone camera. There are no special requirements. The altitude, the direction and the distance are not a problem. The airways to South America are so close to the area of the project that you could spot it easily from the air with good weather conditions. The images are going to be very helpful. A lot of data have been gathered but images are missing.

The water quality and availability have been severely damaged in the coastal area of the Los Tuxtlas due to the deforestation of the zone as a product of the human activities in the past decades. As a rural area there is no access to infrastructure or technology that helps to improve the water quality. So most of the communities can just only rely on springs located away and uphill several feet above the level of the sea and few of them rely on streams. 

We were sampling the the water sources of the area and we need to determine the major cause of the variation of some crucial parameters, find solutions and alternatives to each particular case in order to ensure the long term water quality and availability.

The imagery is crucial for a complete aerial analysis 
of the damaged and preserved forested areas. 

This will help us to provide with the most complete, accurate and useful information to all those people living in the rural area (a little bit more about 2000 people in those 10 communities), in a way that they can easily understand about their water sources, aquifers and how the soil, underground conditions, geological area, climate, precipitation and the lost of forested areas have, and will have major influence over the amount of water available. And what they can do to manage effectively their water resources, contributing to preserve their health and also enhance the water quality on a sustainable way. 

The credits of the images will be shown in the final report. 
Thank you, Miguel."

If you fly over this route, 
would you please take some photos for Miguel?

You can email the photos to:
Miguel A. Trinidad

Please share this with the pilots you know 
who might be able to help. 
Thank you so much!!!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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