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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Flight For Justice

Is a Fight Against Injustice!

For all my readers who are saying:

"When is the next novel?"
"I need my Darby Fix!"
"What happens to Darby next?" 
"Please hurry and write your next book!"

Flight For Justice update:

(Coming Soon)

There are laws against firing anyone for 
reporting safety concerns.

But where are the laws against paying doctors 
to falsify medical reports?

Flight For Justice

Darby Bradshaw's passion drew her into the sky. She worked multiple jobs, attended college, and spent every penny to become a pilot. With drive and commitment, facing many obstacles and heartbreaking loss along the way, her dreams finally came true and she became a captain at the world's largest airline. 

But when airline crashes continue, almost claiming the life of yet another friend, she knew what had to be done: Tell management they didn't have a safety culture that would support Safety Management Systems (SMS), their pilot training program was in need of improvement, and many of Global's operating practices violated Federal Aviation Regulations. 

The Chief Executive Officer had openly stated that it was every employee's "unfettered responsibility" to bring forward anything that was wrong within the company. The NTSB, TSA and FAA all support the statement: "If you see something, say something."

Darby Bradshaw said something, 
and Global Air Lines retaliated 
in the worst possible way. 

While Global's behavior was pure retaliation, Darby never imagined how far they would go, or whom they would place on their payroll in an attempt to have her removed. Permanently. Government officials, medical examiners, a few unethical pilots, and her union officials became part of the game. 

What began as an effort to save her career, turns into an investigation of a lifetime. What Darby uncovers is nothing short of criminal, unethical, and sinister behavior that is putting every passenger's life in danger. 

Nobody expected Darby to stand up to this atrocity. Her union said, "No pilot ever comes back from this." They also never expected she would find the buried bodies, or fight with all her heart for the career she loved. Darby is not alone in her fight. Her best friend Kathryn Jacobs, top ranking FAA official, is standing by her side. John Jacobs, once a top ranking NTSB investigator, knows how high the stakes are, but can he do anything? It's also nice to have a friend who is in the mental health field who can give Darby perspective.

Enjoy the journey, as this fight for justice becomes a commitment to the industry as a whole, for all the pilots who will follow in Darby's footsteps, and the safety of passengers everywhere. 

 Flight For Justice 
Is coming Soon. 

If you haven't read the series, it's time to start,
so you will be ready for Flight for Justice!

Flight For Control where Darby was a fun-loving airline captain, who loved flying more than anything. But when airliners began crashing, she and her NTSB friend, Kathryn Jacobs, uncovered a sinister plot woven in the reality of pension loss, mergers, cutbacks and work rule changes. Not to mention one mentally unstable pilot running for the presidency of their union. 

Flight For Safety found Darby's 4th stripe ripped from her shoulders as she lost seniority in a merger with Global Air Lines. New to the Airbus A330, with a new plane and a new love, Darby learns what has been transpiring in pilot training with cutbacks of the worst kind, and how management has been playing Russian roulette with passengers lives. 

Flight For Survival  was the next in series, where Darby authored a best selling book, Inside the Iron Bubble, to help identify safety shortcomings within the airline walls, and educate the world on Safety Management Systems. But drones, a bit of drug smuggling, and another crash... this time where Darby is at the controls...  finds her hanging onto her life by wires. 

Flight For Sanity,  When yet another airliner comes within seconds of crashing, it becomes time for Darby to report her numerous safety concerns. While Kathryn is now at the FAA, preparing to conduct research to identify why pilot error is occurring, and their good friend, John, is vying for the Secretary of Transportation position, Darby writes a report and presents to management. Darby was given numerous warnings to not report to senior flight operations management. But, you can't be fired for reporting safety. However, they can do something far worse. This novel digs deep into the bowels of the government, and how far corruption can go when when airlines think they own the FAA. 

Truth is Stranger than Fiction
and scarier too! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. This is a sad but true story of what airlines will stoop too all in the name of terminating dissidents, whistle blowers or anyone the deem unfit. They make no qualms about hiring a quack to say the pilot is unfit for duty. Ask the Disabled Airline Pilots foundation about the stats at a major carrier based in Dallas. The pilot's union. Is selling out these pilots to The tune of millions of dollars for the company all for concessions in other areas.

    1. The more research I do, the more I learn. The more criminal this becomes. I appreciate your comments, and the term quack is too kind for the doctors who violate the oath to do no harm.
      Thank you for the comment!

  2. They are putting Darby through the ringer but I am glad that she (and the real pilots that this is based on) keep fighting. As I passenger this is scary stuff to read about. As someone with mental health issues it is insulting what the "doctors" to side line pilots for the airline. Never mind the fact mental health issues as long as they are controlled with medication shouldn't be a no go for pilots. Keep fighting Darby and keep writing Karlene!

    1. Nicnacjak, thank you for the comment. I feel just as you ... mental health is a serious issue and to be used as a retaliatory tactic, is beyond criminal. The only thing we can do is work to fix it. Who better than Darby? I will keep keep writing. Thank you!!


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