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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Limits!

Girls Aviation....

There are people in this world who when touched by aviation turn into angels of flight. They spread their wings and share the love, passion and power that only flight can bring. They open the skies to children who otherwise would never have experienced such a gift. They gift their life to making dreams come true. One such lady is Terry Carbonell.

 Dreams are where it all begins. 
Then we need a little wind beneath our wings.

You might recognize Terry as she was a Friday Flyer  last year, with one of the most touching stories of love and compassion as she set up a flight for her husband with Alzheimer's. Terry learned to fly, fear and all, to give him freedom with wings during his final days. Flying changed her life and she is changing others too.

Since she began flying, Terry has been an avid racer in the ARC, Air Race Classic, as Team Wild Mama. But she has also been working with the ARC youth program. In July 2010, she went to Mobile, AL to talk to the terminus hosts to help them get prepared for their arrival in June 2011. This is when the girls aviation program was born.

Terry wrote a workbook and put it into a non profit corporation. She has just recently got the 501(c)(3) set up for the corporation. Now it's time to expand the program and tell the world what she is doing.


Some of the young girls from Mobile have been in the aviation program for 3 year and will travel to PA for the terminus of the 2014 race as they did to Fayetteville in 2013. The race in 2015 will end in Fairhope - just on the other side of the bay from Mobile - and these girls will lead that next aviation program with Terry for the Air Race. 

Terry's Goal: Get them flying! 
Terry is working toward buying a plane for these young ladies and train them to fly. The plane will go where the kids are and will be available to many economically disadvantaged individuals so they can feel the joys we feel every day. It is a way to introduce them to a industry with available jobs ultimately leading them to lives of economic stability. 
Terry figures "a small village can get these girls to fly." If we can get 2500 people to spend $10 to fund this project they can purchase a Cessna 150 for $25,000. We'll also teach them another valuable lesson...there are people out there to help you if you put your heart and soul into succeeding.

The Aviation Adventures programs are about opening the young peoples’ eyes to the possibilities of exploring a world outside of their own communities using aviation education to spark interest in empowering their own lives.

Terry tells me there are a number of ways we can help:

First: our initial goal is to raise $25,000. We can do it but we need 2500 people to EACH donate $10. That is less than the cost of your average work day lunch and you will be responsible for helping a new pilot taking flight.  Check out their Funding Page 
Second: we are also applying for grants that will help us reach this goal and focus on social media attention.

Please LIKE our Facebook page and give us a 5 star rating so potential funding sources can see we are real and that we are making a difference in local communities.

Finally: buy our book and start your own program. Books are $10 each plus shipping and all proceeds go back to support the youth program. We will be happy to work with you to put aviation in the hands of kids.

If you have any questions, email us: Terry Carbonell ‐ or call us at 239‐633‐0077. We are here to serve the aviation community, building a future for youth one Flight plan at a time. Aviation Adventures, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization. Your tax deductible contributions are appreciated.

Dare To Dream!
And Share that Dream with others. 

For more information check out "No Limits" Girls Aviation Program
Please join me in thanking Terry for all she is doing for these kids and please like LIKE her Facebook page.  She has 197 likes. Can you help me turn it in to 197,000? Together we can make it happen. Then follow her on Twitter @TeamWildMama  She has 4 followers... time to up that number too. Let's show Terry the power of social media and how many amazing people can spread the word.

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene

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