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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From Jet to Wheelchair

The Race Continues...

A couple years ago we met a pilot whose life was changed by a swim during a layover in an ocean. Jerry Ward may have been forced of the flight deck, but he has not given up on life. Read Jerry's story here.

"To all my good, and in some cases, very old friends! (Only old in the sense of a long time ago not age of course!)

In a couple of weeks on May 18 my team of trusty pushers will be attempting to shove me in a wheelchair around the course at Manchester to complete The Big Push 7. I'm not sure where the years have gone since I was lying in intensive care, on a life-support ventilator, in Salford looking through the window at the finishing line by the Beetham tower, the Hilton hotel on Deansgate, thinking if I would ever be able to take part again. And now we are getting ready to do this for the seventh time.

In previous years the team have raised funds for many different charities, mostly those related to spinal-cord injury, cancer or children. However, this year the team have decided to split our fundraising between three charities, all very close to home. Diabetes UK, Aerobility and SIA.

A very good friend/neighbour/driver/helper/budding aviator/odd job guy recently lost his brother to diabetes aged just 53. My son, Sam, who has been a member of the Big Push Team several times, is insulin-dependent, as is Lisa, wife and mother to 2 more of the team. Derek's death was a huge shock to all of us who know how difficult it can be managing the condition. 
 Last Year's Race
Aerobility provide flying experience and training to people with all kinds of disability, flying is something most of the Big Push Team take very much for granted.

Spinal injuries Association (SIA) have supported me continually since my accident in many ways.

I'm sorry that it seems to be every year I've asked the same questions, but please support the team in any way you can by visiting our fundraising site at: ;

Please give generously, your donation however small or large really will make a difference. If possible please also make sure that the sneaky Chancellor doesn't benefit from your donation by claiming gift aid. Please forward this to any of your friends if you feel able to.
Thank you for helping

Jerry a.k.a. Fatty

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