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Monday, September 30, 2013

Lessons Learned

Monday Motivation

"I cannot acknowledge
that which I am unwilling
- to accept from within."

We all learn in unique ways. Most often the best lessons learned are those that we live through. They give us an awakening that we are not infallible. We make mistakes. The goal is to learn from those errors, share them, and make sure that they will never happen again.

The way I see it. We have two choices... Learn only from our mistakes. Or learn from our errors combined with those errors of others. I choose to share in the learning moments of all. But before we can do that, we must acknowledge and accept that we are human, and are willing to learn.


Blogging information week continues with....

My Most Instructional Moment.

Brent Owens shares his story with an awesome lesson... 

"I was chief instructor, lineman, and all around gofer. I was young, single, and stuffing my logbook one hour at a time.

On this particularly nice day, a friend showed up at the airport. She was adorable and I had been hoping she would take me up on my repeated promises for an airplane ride...

The weather was beautifully clear and being that it was late afternoon this should prove to be a perfect local site seeing flight.... 

Like all good stories when everything is perfect, you have to ask, "what could possibly go wrong?" When that question is asked in the movies, we know what is about to happen. In real life what follows are valuable lessons.

What lesson have you learned through experience?

After you answer that question, and want to know what happened when Brent took his cute friend flying on a beautiful evening... drop on over to his Instructional Moment at the iFlyBlog to read the entire story. Well worth the read!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Blogging information schedule for the week...

Sun 29th: House of Rapp - Ron Rapp
Mon 30th: iFLYblog - Brent Owens
Tues Oct 1: Adventures of Cap’n Aux - Eric Auxier
Wed Oct 2: Flight to Success - Karlene Petitt
Thu Oct 3: Smart Flight Training - Andrew Hartley
Fri Oct 4: Airplanista - Dan Pimentel


  1. Karlene,
    Thanks for posting this up. With fuel being such an persistent cause of accidents, I thought it would be resonate.

  2. Oh... It's amazing how everything can go wrong.

    From a click of a button to a mismanaged bomb. From inaccuracies with your bearing indicator to a fatal crash.

    There are many types of mistakes of which one type fascinates me.

    Pedro Álvares Cabral... He discovered land in 1500 after thinking he was heading to India. He was from Portugal. Some New World land had been discovered by Spain, but for Portugal, this was a landmark. Because of this discovery, Portugal became very rich. Spain was also becoming rich. And obviously they had many conflicts in which one was to divide the world in a half. So Spain could explore in one side, Portugal in another. France and Deutschland... They kept invading anyway. Even if the New World was told to be property of both Spain and Portugal. LOL! And the story goes on...

    Back to aviation. I think before getting in a cockpit, you must know how to work like a team. But your team mates must help you, and not be told what to do or not to do. At least not entirely. lol There's a lot to talk about CRM regarding teamwork.

    But the important is to learn from any mistakes. And mistakes are there to teach us. It's when we have to ask yourself "what is this trying to teach me?" If you get nowhere, stay still. Very still. Try walking on another path.

    Sometimes you have to be proactive, but know when to be defensive. A proactive team can obtain brilliant results, and a defensive team can also obtain brilliant results. You have to know when and how to use the switch.

    I think one great element that reduces the chance of irrelevant errors is proficiency. If you are proficient, you should be able to face greater mistakes and be ready to solve the problem. Or sometimes you have to depend on luck.

    I don't know precisely, but there's a lot to say. But mistakes can lead you to great things. Either a new lesson or a New World. It also can cost your life.

    1. Alex, Thank you for a great comment! You know.. I was taught that Columbus "discovered" America. Truth be told.. he was searching for India too. Ooops... And funny thing is that this was part of my post tomorrow! lol.

      We do have to be proactive. We have to be open to failure. View it as a learning moment. Willing to learn. Listen. And do the work!

      You get it. It's all about looking at what happened with a new set of eyes.

      Thank you for a GREAT comment!

    2. Columbus was the Spain guy I mentioned. He discovered New World first. But he wasn't planning on going to India when he discovered new land. He just thought he could proof to the Church they were right about their heliocentric vision of the planet. Actually, he went to India circumnavigating Africa, but it hadn't anything to do with America. So Spain reached first.

      Then, Portugal with Pedro Cabral, wanted to consolidate the Indian route through the Mediterranean. So to do that, he planned to conquer some islands in the area, but he got blown away and 3 months later he was in South America.

      I'm not sure where Chris was. But my book brings Pete came to Brazil. I think Chris was in the Caribbean. lol

      WHAT?! This was going to be part of your post tomorrow? o: *goosebumps*

      I'm just not sure where did they go first. I know France tried to come to Rio and tried to make it as France Antarctic, but Portugal opened fire and they headed north of Brazil and tried to make it as France Equinox. Portugal again opened fire and they moved to the U.S where Louisiana was made French colony named in honor of french king Louis XIV.

      Need to revise some details. lol Makes me scared.

      And I absolutely agree, it's all about looking what happened with a new set of eyes, which is a very hard task, but needs to be put into practice.


    3. Yes... so funny. Goosebumps for sure!!! Yes, it was a long journey for sure and many stops. One of my daughters said "he got lost" and stumbled across America. I just laughed, because... he really never made it to where he thought he was going. Do you think that this is a metaphor for life?

    4. LOL!!! And it gets better!

      He did not want to go anywhere. The church believed our planet was a cube. So he thought if he went towards the end of planet-cube he would be pushed down and would die where sea monsters would eat his ship of dummies.

      I'm serious! This is what they used to believe! Until Galileo, Kepler and some other nerd came up with the genius idea that our planet was a circumference.

      Just to make a few corrections from the previous gigantic text I wrote:

      - Columbus did not go to India through Africa. It was Vasco da Gama (Portugal);

      - Peter Pan did not go through the Mediterranean. He thought he would conquer some islands westbound (Oceanic) before Spain and mistakenly selected the wrong heading;

      - Not sure if it was just the church who came up with planet-box.

      I think this is a brilliant metaphor. And it amazes me because it shows how life can be to anyone. And how everything can turn upside down in a matter of seconds (or months). What could possibly go wrong?

      History is hilarious... It's cynical and full of ridiculous moments created by us humans. I love it!

  3. Thanks. I'd translate that into this: "The very worst of mistakes are those that are made more than once." Wake up, pay attention and if a mistake is necessary - as it always is, let it be a new one... -C.

    1. Yes... on another note. The very worst of mistakes are those you are not alive to do them again. Always let it be a new one has always been my goal! Thanks for your comment.


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