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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Welcome to the world of writing. Since you are reading this… you might be a writer too. And with that comes the pressure of proofreading. When you are working a full time job, managing your life with kids and grandkids, trying to get your book finished, and writing a blog five times a week … something has to give. Often it is the blog—the one thing that might not get proofread as well as it could. I often write my posts at the end of a twenty-hour day, and need an extra set of eyes. Who are you going to call? Grammarly.

There is hope for all of us. I want to thank Nick for his great patience. I have been promising him I was going to test out Grammarly for a couple weeks now.

The reason I have not done this sooner was that he had asked me to write, “This post has been checked by Grammarly” on the top of the page. Somehow that diminishes the first line, designed to grab the reader’s attention. I think this statement should go at the end. Besides, the last line will more than likely get the action. So I am giving him an entire post.

While my sample paragraphs were simple...
the program is not.

Grammarly does not change your document—it highlights punctuation, sentence structure, passive voice and writing style. You decide what you want to accept, and how to change it. This program keeps the author in complete control. 

The best thing about Grammarly is the program explains why it highlighted something and provides additional examples of what not to do, and how to fix it. The program also enables you to select your type of writing… formal, technical, etc..

I actually did a larger post first and the program is quite smart. Basically you get more than a check on this one. You get an English teacher too!

The executive assistant we all need!

Thank you Nick!!! You’ve got something awesome here.

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Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Hi, Karlene!

    The Grammarly package looks somewhat intriguing, and on the basis of your recommendation I might check it out -- BUT: when I go to the linked site, it wants your signup info before giving you any opportunity to understand what the terms of the "deal" are going to be.

    I find that very off-putting and won't do business that way. If there was a FAQ describing in general terms the costs associated with the package, I might take the next step. As it is, no way.



    1. Frank, Thank you so much for your comment. That was the only reason in my rushed life I had not gone deeper to check out more. I agree with you. I'll flag Nick on this and see if we can get that changed.

  2. Oh! This is interesting...

    When I come back with my blog, I'll have go and see how it will cope.

    Glad I've found someone to help me. Or something.


    1. Thanks Alex. I'm going to definitely play with it a bit more.

  3. Karlene,
    I"m interested too! Grammar is a weak spot for me. I took a course this year on my own just to get a little better.

    I'll check out the site for sure.


    1. Thanks Brent. I'll have to see how much they charge. But... it definitely gives you another look and set of eyes. I think they have something good here.

  4. Yes!! I must give Grammarly a close look. Nothing says that a good writer has to be a post-grad grammarian and most are not. Both here and in back-channel notes, how many times have I mentioned the benefits of a first class editor, now two or three of them. For clean, publishable work at least two are necessary - three is better. One to keep the context and events flowing properly, one to make it look like the writer graduated from primary school and the last one to line edit, fixing typos and simple spelling errors. The are expensive, yet worth every dime. You and Dick are in the business, so typos probably make you happy . While reading FFC, it was obvious that you had a great copy editor and clean writing is oh so much easier to read. Thanks.

    1. Craig, I'm on the same page as you. I vote for three editors! And even yet, you find mistakes that the editor missed. When they say read it until you find nothing...and then read again, I think they are right.

      And there is always something to learn. The process goes on, and it's so much fun.

  5. Excellent comment. Your services are definitely needed in todays world.


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