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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pilot In IOWA

Last week I flew to Iowa for the Hawkeye and Nittany Lion game. I was the babysitter. I had the best deal on that duty. I got to spend time with my baby girl, her hubby, and my grandson Carter. My hubby and I ended up staying in town two extra nights due to flight availability, or lack of.

 Krysta and Torrey

Grandma and Grandpa with Carter

Before I left town last week, someone said, "I spent a week in Iowa one night." So how much fun can a person have for a five night stay in Iowa? Let me count the ways. Bucket list items getting are checked off left and right. I even got to see Krysta's first Chicago roommate in College again. Great to see you Ashley, and Thank You so much for the ride the airport!

 Krysta, Carter and Ashely

I went to my first tailgate party! 
Go... Hawkeyes! 

We left Iowa City when the kids departed and spent two additional nights in Cedar Rapids. We walked close to eight miles the first day. The corn fields were amazing. They are short because of the drought, but they sing in the wind. Did you know that if you close your eyes you can hear a river flow as the wind blows through the dried cornstalks?

We found deer tracks along our walk...

"Pink skies at night sailor's delight, red skies in the morning sailors take warming." Well these red skies were followed by thunder storms that night.

Low Gas prices...

The photo below, that everyone was trying to guess where it was taken, is from the Movie ARGO. 
Swiss Air departing Iran. 
This was a great movie! Highly recommend it. And we ate at Texas, in Iowa.

 Found a super cool airplane statue on our walk back.

And yesteday we found a bowling alley...

Yoga with pink balls at the Lancer Lanes. What did you do in Iowa? The key to this photo is my super cool shirt. Thank you Torrey!  It's been a long time since I rolled a ball. And this by far is the lowest game of my life, so I had to capture the moment of humility.

But I got rid of the 10 lb ball, upped the weight a couple pounds, and stopped throwing it across the alley into the gutter and began 'rolling' the heavier ball and increased my score a bit. I have serious work to do before I go on tour. But I'll be ready by the senior circuit.

Five games later, we picked up Subway sandwiches and headed back to our room, not stopping for the Chinese Sushi Dessert.

It's been a great journey... now we're headed home for a few days. There is nothing as nice as positive space tickets.

You too can find a way to enjoy every moment... you just have to embrace it. What did you do fun last weekend?

XO Karlene


  1. Awesome! Iowa seems like a pretty state.. Almost as pretty as it's sister to the west, Nebraska, where I spent a year in high school. Corn fields, sunsets, both pleasant memories.

    Last weekend I went to an orchestra concert with my parents, went shopping with my mom and on Sunday I made a chocolate cake named after mom. Topped with chocolate butter cream and peaches. Delicious (but one piece was enough, not too healthy haha)

    1. A year in high school in Nebraska... how nice. And a weekend with parents, music, baking and chocolate? Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. So... cake named after Mom? We need to know the name and story. Or is that MOM upside down cake = WOW.

  2. 5 nights with in 30 minutes of me and you say nothing till you leave.... Not feeling the love here Karleen

    1. 30 minutes? Oh no!!!

      I have been blogging and tweeting. Some guys are harder to find than others. Seriously, I hate to impose on anyone... so just throw out where I'll be.

      But I did call Ashley for a ride. But only because I needed to give her something.

      Okay, I will be back in May for a wedding. :)

  3. Karlene, I haven't been to Iowa but that state and my native Indiana have a lot in common. Especially the corn fields, bowling alleys, and the sporting events. Ahh. Life in the Midwest. I must tell you that having been out here in the congested east coast, I tend to miss the simple things in life that the Midwest has to offer. Each part of the US is special that way.

    1. Jeremy, I think that's why I enjoyed the trip so much. Not only spending time with the kids, but then the peacefulness of simplicity walking beside the corn fields. A relaxing time for sure.

  4. I spy 737 and 727 in that first score. A sign perhaps?

    1. Oh... you are so right! Oh... but there is a 777 on the other score. A Boeing sign!


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